Meinl Cymbals

Meinl Cymbals

Meinl are giants in the world of drums and are well known for their incredible cymbals and wide range of percussion instruments.


History of Meinl

Meinl instruments actually began in 1951 by Roland Meinl producing wind instruments. It was only in 1974 that the company started to package pre-pack cymbals. Initial production was focused on producing cheap alternatives in the cymbal range but in 1984 this changed to include their King-Beat series which saw them add high-quality, professional cymbals to the line.

Meinl are well known their experimentation with different alloys in their cymbals which will obviously result in different amounts of sustain, resonance and bite when using them in live or studio situations. They’ve ensured their product range is wide so that drummers can find a cymbal that suits every style, and every application from heavy hitting rock players to jazz players with a light touch.

Range of Products

Meinl are well known for their cymbals and we’re pleased to say that we can order in any Meinl cymbal or hi-hat that you might need.

We’ve also got a large array of percussion instruments from Meinl available including their Djembes, Cajons, Bongos, Shakers and pretty much any other percussion instrument you can think of!

Check out the full Meinl range below and make sure to get in touch if you have any questions – we’d be happy to help.