Focal Professional

Focal Professional

If you’re looking for a professional nearfield and midfield monitoring solution, Focal are highly regarded and often the first choice for leading studio engineers.


Over the last 3 decades, Focal have built an impressive reputation as one of the top speaker brands in the audiophile, Hi-Fi, automotive and studio worlds. In the recording industry in particular, Focal speakers have long been coveted for their performance. Whilst sometimes out of the price range of the beginner, Focal’s reassuringly expensive models offer professional performance for engineers that want to invest in a top quality studio setup.

Unlike many Studio Monitor companies, Focal are able to design and manufacture the drivers and cabinets right from their headquarters in Saint Etienne in France. This creates a completely integrated and perfectly synchronised process, from the design of drive units, cabinets and crossovers to the point of putting it all together. The result delivers a consistency of performance, and some insight as to why Focal’s speakers are so highly regarded.

At Andertons Music Co, we focus on Focal’s near-field monitoring setups.  

Focal Shape Series

The Focal Shape series is specifically designed for professional near-field monitoring. Shape monitors feature an innovative cabinet design thats perfect for smaller rooms and number of settings you can use to optimise for the acoustics of your compact studio space. The overall sound is clear articulate and controlled with a tight bass, neutral mids and crisp highs so that you can determine exactly what’s going on in your mix.

Focal Alpha Series

Whilst the Focal Brand may have been out of the reach of many home and project studio budgets in the past, The Alpha series now offers musicians the chance to get Focal active studio monitors in their studio without having to sell some gear or rely on the credit card.

The Alpha series delivers a dynamic and detailed sound that really pushes the performance expectations of speakers usually found in this price bracket. These impressive speakers have won multiple awards since release and offer a tonally-balanced professional setup for the studio.