Modern Body Guitars

Modern Body Guitars

Modern Body electric guitars come in many different shapes and sizes – as you can probably imagine! Generally speaking, these guitars will have higher output pickups or weird, offset body shapes but there really is no hard and fast rule. Our Modern Body guitars include brands like Gibson, PRS, Jackson, Ibanez, Schecter, ESP and Chapman guitars.

The Big Hitters

Modern Body guitars include the likes of the Gibson SG and Epiphone SG Special as well as the famous PRS Custom 24 and Custom 22. The Ibanez heritage is built on their reputation for making modern instruments that push the boundaries of what guitars should look like.

Versatile And Distinctive

You’ll find guitars that are both versatile and distinctive in our Modern Body Guitars category with a range of single coil and humbucking guitars.

You’ll probably find your dream finish in this category as we’ve got guitars with outlandish paint jobs such as Dragon Eye Burst as well as your standard Satin Black and whites. This is also the place to find the Explorer, Flying V and Firebird guitars too.

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