Monitors & Foldback

Monitors & Foldback

We’ve got a large selection of live monitors and foldback monitors to bulk up your stage or rehearsal room. Make sure that your musicians can always hear themselves!


If you’ve ever played music live or even performed in a stage show, then you’ll know the importance of being able to hear yourself with a monitor. It can make or break a show, because musicians need to be able to hear what they’re doing in order to perform confidently! When the volume of a PA system or your instrument amp isn't enough, a monitor will always help.

Some monitors will not have any sort of EQ or compression on them, but others can have their frequency response adjusted to suit your ears or the space you're playing in.

FRFR Flat Response Monitors

FRFR monitors (Full Range Flat Response) are made and designed for use with digital guitar amp modellers. They are like a blank canvas in speaker form, allowing the digital amp modeller to do all the work. The speakers are as clean and transparent as possible and won’t colour the sound, which is what affects the response of an amp unit like the Kemper amp and the Line 6 Helix.

Check out our selection of monitors below, including offerings from Laney, Mackie, Roland and more. Take advantage of our finance packages and free next day delivery in the UK on orders over £99!