Effects Pedals for Synths

Effects Pedals for Synths

A great selection of effects pedals for synths. Spice up your workstation or modular unit with some of these! 


Who said effects pedals can be for guitars only? Break the boundaries and pair your synth with a guitar pedal… magic is about to happen.

Many synths like the Korg Minilogue and the Arturia MiniBrute come with in-built effects such as delay and reverb, but you can bring new power to your analog or digital machine connecting an external effect. Get full control and get a true-to-life sound, not achievable with plug-ins.

At Andertons we have a great selection of pedals that can work wonders with your synth. Starting from reverb, Strymon’s famed Big Sky is a true powerhouse. From small ambiences to otherworldly spaces, you’ll be able to create the perfect room for your synth voice.

Burn your leads and basses to the ground with a distortion pedal such as Boss OD-3 or Electro Harmonix’s legendary Big Muff. 

If you want to create interesting echoes and rhythmic patterns, go for a delay. Choose from an array of stompboxes like the MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay Pedal or TC Electronic’s Flashback II - which is also a looper pedal. If you like the unmistakable vibe of an analog tape echo, Boss’s RE-20 recreates the legendary effect of the Roland RE-201. 

One of the most loved analog effects is chorus, for sure. Colour up your synth with TC Electronic’s June, that pays homage to the Roland Juno chorus, Walrus Audio’s Julianna or Empress Nebulus.

Incapable of choosing one? Don’t worry, we stock the best multi-effects pedals like Empress Effects’ Zoia and the Mooer GE200, so you’ll have all the effects you want in one box!

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