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Buying a comfortable set of quality headphones is a great investment for any musician. Whilst Apple earbuds you got with your iPhone are ok, by upgrading to a dedicated set of cans, you'll start to appreciate the more subtle elements of all your favourite tracks. When it comes to studio recording, producers will swear by a few pairs of natural, unhyped headphones to get the best from their sessions; and we've got a wide range of the best cans used by the pros.

Headphones for Monitoring

One of the first items for recording in any studio environment is a pair of closed-back headphones. These headphones have acoustically sealed ear-cups so that there is a minimal amount of sound bleeding out into the open. This is so that you can record instruments without your headphone mix being picked up by the microphone. Many studios swear by Beyerdynamic's range of closed back headphones, but you can also get great options from Focal, Audio Technica, and others

Headphones for Mixing

Whilst the big studios rely on expensive built in monitoring speaker setups and acoustically treated rooms for their mixing, it's often not possible to replicate this perfect environment on a budget in your project studio. Open-Back studio headphones can often be a fantastic alternative to buying speakers when you're first starting out. Firstly, they can offer the best bang for your buck sound quality wise, you also don't have to worry about the acoustics of your room creating resonant frequencies and affecting your mixing decisions. 

Even if you're lucky enough to have a decent mixing environment at home, a trusty pair of headphones mean you can rough mix when you're on the go. Also a number of people that hear your music will listen on headphones, so you should always listen on cans to make sure that their experience is as good as on your home setup.

The best studio headphones for monitoring have open-back designs so that you have the most natural response, akin to speakers in a room. Whilst a quality set of closed back headphones can be used, the enclosed design results in a more "music in your head" experience, which some find harder to get used to for critical listening.

We have some fantastic critical mixing headphones from AKG, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, Shure and more...

Headphones for Live Sound

When you've played at enough gigs, frustrated that you can't quite hear yourself in the wedge stage monitors, you'll soon realise the wonderful world of in-ear monitoring. Aside from making your band look slick and professional, you can finally ask the engineer for your perfect mix to get the most from your performances. our range of Shure IEMs are massively popular, with a range of options to suit every budget. 

In-ear earbuds also have the added benefit of protecting your ears from the excessive sound levels on stage, so you can play gig after gig, without the worry you're slowly damaging your hearing after years of rocking out. So check our range from Fender, Shure, Audio Technica and more...