Elektron make some of the most exciting analogue synths in the world today. These synths are shaping the sound of modern electronic music and we’re proud to stock the entire range here at Andertons Music Co. 


Elektron synths are incredibly tactile and fun to play with whilst providing you with a professional platform to get fat electronic sounds. Whether you’re after ambient pad-style synths, huge sounding drums or a sampler that’ll change the way you approach music, Elektron have got you covered. Their Overbridge software has also been critically acclaimed because it allows compatible Elektron instruments to integrate with your computer efficiently and intuitively. This allows you to deep edit parameters and have total control over your Elektron synth.

History of Elektron

Elektron synths come out of Gothenburg in Sweden. The city is characterised by shipyards, docks and rusty harbour cranes and much like the city, Elektron synths are gritty and industrial sounding. They capture the sound of a rusty, hard-wearing city.

The Elektron Range

All Elektron synths have been designed to respond and react to any change that you might make. The minute you come into contact with one of their synths, you’ll notice your own particular sound emerging. This has helped producers, artist and DJs find their voice and these synths are popping up in studios all around the world.

The Digitakt Drum Machine is compact, rugged and to the point with a powerful digital sound engine. The Digitakt has all of the tools needed to move people and is highly flexible with its ability to mix four on the floor workouts with off-kilter beats and polyrhythmic excursions.

The Elektron Octotrack is also worth a mention with its ability to mangle samples in a precise, detailed manner. It’s got 8 stereo audio tracks and 8 dedicated MIDI tracks with instant stereo sampling. You can then deep edit these samples on the fly with it’s intuitive interface that makes live performance a breeze.

The Elektron Heat was a surprise release from the Swedish company as they veered for their typical synth engines and created this phenomenal dirt and overdrive pedal for guitars. It can also be used with their synths to add a touch of heat (excuse the pun). The Elektron Heat has 8 different distortion circuits on board and switching between them is a breeze. Each of these is easily edited and the on-board EQ means you can truly shape your sound.