Buyer's Guides

The world of recording can be complex. Choosing the right gear is vital, whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced engineer.

If you're looking for simple audio interface or you want to set up a home studio, our guides will help you cut through the noise and start recording!

Recording Guides

An audio interface is essential if you're going to be recording onto your computer. From small and basic to large, studio-grade gear, audio interfaces come in many forms and at many prices. There are even interfaces designed to work with mobile devices!

If you're really committed to recording, you may want to set up a home studio. You'll need more gear than just an audio interface such as headphones or studio monitors for checking the sound and a microphone. Take a look at the guides below to find which is right for you.

Recording Brand Guides

We know you guys have your favourite brands you like to shop here at Andertons. Check out our guides dedicated to the biggest and best recording manufacturers in the world, in stock now.

Andertons SKAT Youtube Channel

SKAT stands for Synths, Keys & Tech. When it comes to tech specifically, we cover all things recording - from interfaces and desks, to microphones and best practice. Check it out below!

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