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The world of recording can be complex. Choosing the right gear is vital, whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced engineer.


If you're looking for simple audio interface or you want to set up a home studio, our guides will help you cut through the noise and start recording!


Recording Guides

If you're really committed to recording, you may want to set up a home studio. You'll need more gear than just an audio interface such as headphones or studio monitors for checking the sound and a microphone. Take a look at the guides below to find which is right for you.

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Andertons Synth, Keys & Tech Youtube Channel

SKAT stands for Synths, Keys & Tech. When it comes to tech specifically, we cover all things recording - from interfaces and desks, to microphones and best practice.


Click here to check out the Andertons Synth, Keys & Tech YouTube channel!

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