EastCoast Acoustic Guitars

EastCoast Acoustic Guitars

Are you an aspiring guitarist looking to start your musical journey the right way? You've landed at the right place! EastCoast's acoustic guitars provide brilliant bang-for-the-buck and are among some of the best beginner instruments we've ever come across. EastCoast now offers classical guitars in various sizes too, which are perfect for children as they have softer and more forgiving nylon strings.

EastCoast Acoustic Guitar Range

Various models make the EastCoast acoustic lineup pleasantly diverse - there's something for everyone! The EastCoast D1 acoustic guitar follows a traditional dreadnought body shape, making it a great all-rounder with fantastic projection. The G1 has a slightly more modern mid-sized body shape, akin to a design made famous by a large American brand. The mini acoustic guitars are best-sellers for a reason; they're not only affordable, but they're also incredibly compact — making them ideal travel acoustics for the road!

EastCoast Electro Acoustic Guitars

Selected EastCoast acoustics come equipped with built-in electronics — known as 'electro acoustic guitars'. These offer a little more versatility, as they allow you to plug into dedicated acoustic amplifiers or PA systems. This eliminates the need to mic these acoustics in a live or recording scenario, so that you can plug in and play hassle-free!

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