Laney Amplification

Laney Amplification

The History of Laney Amplification

The Laney story began in 1967, when Lyndon Laney sought to build a guitar amplifier that nailed a tone that simply hadn’t been heard before. He worked closely with the likes of Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) and Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath), building amps and PA systems for gigs in the budding Birmingham music scene and beyond. His aim to push the boundaries of guitar amplification ultimately contributed to the birth of the heavy metal genre with the 1970 release of Black Sabbath’s self-titled debut album.

Laney became something of a household name in the guitar world overnight, and they had established large-scale manufacture by 1973. In the years that followed, the company adapted to the ever-more-demanding needs of modern players, introducing hotter amps with bigger dynamic ranges, as well as their first graphic EQ bass amplifier. In the decades that followed, they continued to innovate in-line with international trends, expanding their PA system ranges and tweaking their amplification to suit everyone’s needs. This flexibility, combined with their unwavering dedication to tone, places them firmly amongst the British amplification elite!

The Laney Range

Among Laney’s most popular guitar amps are their valve-powered offerings, such as the Lionheart range with its bold British tone and classic styling, and the more contemporary-sounding Ironheart series, taking their trademark heavy metal tones into uncharted territory! They also offer a great selection of versatile solid-state amps with a wealth of features to choose from, such as the LG, LV and LX ranges; each one is geared towards a specific type of playing, whether it’s hassle-free live performance or simple practice routines at home.

Laney also offer a great selection of bass amplification solutions, designed to cater for every need. With their rich experience in providing heaps of volume and project at low-cost, they’re naturally suited to producing bass amps for modern, highly-demanding scenarios!

The Nexus valve amps are their flagship models, boasting unparalleled warmth and dynamic response; these are ideal for the professional bassist who needs reliable, high-performing gear night after night! The RB series is designed to suit the more budget-orientated market, delivering excellent sound at a fraction of the cost, with a highly diverse range including wedge-style designs, all-in-one combos and extension cabinets.

Finally, PA systems remain a crucial part of Laney’s product range. While their PA offerings may not cater for huge AV setups or open-air festivals, their inexpensive selection is designed to tick pretty much every other box. Their range consists of a mixture of active and passive speakers, each with excellent connectivity and carefully-considered design, not to mention their highly-popular portable & battery-powered options such as the AH4X4 – ideal for busking and other on-the-go PA needs!

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