sE Electronics

sE Electronics

sE Electronics are a Chinese microphone manufacturer, known for their huge variety and budget-friendly product range!  

sE Electronics are one of the most popular microphone brands in the industry today. With a diverse catalogue of products, an uncompromising ethos, and a wealth of collective experience behind them, it’s no wonder they’re at the top of their game!

A History of sE Electronics

The company was founded in 2000 by Siwei Zou, an expert in Western Composition and Acoustics who studied at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. An accomplished instrumentalist, composer and conductor, he was invited to California State University, San Francisco, as a visiting scholar. During this time, he was sent newly developed microphones from his peers in Shanghai for testing and feedback; he found himself providing constructive criticism on their designs, and it was at this point that the idea of sE Electronics was born!

When Zou founded the company in 2000, they employed simple blueprints based on tweaks of what he’d seen during his time in the US. Their microphones were mass-manufactured in facilities alongside numerous brands, but Zou soon realised that he’d have to change that if he wanted to get ahead.

In 2003, he opened a dedicated manufacturing facility in Shangai with the help of a UK development team; this was what set sE Electronics on the path to greatness, giving them full artistic control over design, construction and consistency.

Every single sE microphone is handmade down to the finest detail; ribbon, capsule, shock mount, chassis, and so on. The same care and attention to detail goes into each microphone, ensuring a precise, almost personal performance, regardless of price. The company also remains a family-run affair, with the Shangai facility being run by Zou’s daughter. Despite this, they’ve become a titan in the microphone and recording world, even collaborating with the legendary Rupert Neve – they must be doing something right!

The sE Electronics Range

The sE range consists of a huge variety of microphones and accessories designed to suit the needs of anyone and everyone. Starting at just over £50, an sE mic is well within the reach of a budding producer or musician!

They offer a concise selection of live vocal and instrument microphones for a number of applications. You might be looking for a simple, proficient handheld, or a more all-encompassing workhorse that you can rely on for those heavy tours. Every sE live mic is rugged, ergonomic and unique in its design – you can’t go wrong.

Their studio microphone selection is extremely varied. Again, it ranges from affordable entry-level options to professional-grade tools, with prices starting from as low as £80. The microphone category is, by nature, extremely varied; sE have aimed to reflect this with a number of varieties, including condenser, dynamic, ribbon and pencil microphones, among others. They also make stereo pairs, ideal for capturing live ambiences, a DSLR-ready microphone for on-the-go video recording, and the Rupert Neve RNT Tube Condenser Microphone and Preamp for unparalleled pristine sound. Check out the full sE Electronics selection below!