Tascam are a major pro audio company, most well known for handheld recorders, audio interfaces and portable multi-track recording consoles.


Tascam is a well-known name within the recording industry. The company continues to develop and innovate, with their diverse product catalogue demonstrating their willingness to push the boundaries and not rest on their laurels.  

History of Tascam

Established in 1971, Tascam pioneered many breakthroughs within the audio industry, and are credited as inventing the first multi-track cassette-based home studio recorders. The Portastudio was the first full-fledged unit, debuting in 1979. Throughout the 80s and beyond, this groundbreaking innovation transformed the music industry, with countless artists using the Portastudio to record demos and even albums, including Bruce Springsteen and Primus.

Essentially cornering the market when it came to producing affordable home recording gear, Tascam also manufactured tape machines and mixers that were suited for hobbyists from the early 70s onwards.

However, their early tape decks were even used in the film industry, with Tascam’s early 80-8 tape deck used to record the voices of R2-D2 and C-3PO during the making of Star Wars: A New Hope! Boston and Kansas were bands that also took advantage of the 80-8, but in a music studio context.

The Tascam Range

Sticking close to their roots, today, Tascam are most notorious for their portable handheld recorders. Ranging from inexpensive dictaphones like the DR-05 and DR-22WL to the feature-packed DR100, these ergonomic devices all boast stereo recording capabilities and can capture audio with excellent fidelity.

Tascam are also renowned for their audio interfaces. The MiNiSTUDIO Personal USB interfaces are unique within their class, built specifically for broadcasting podcasts or recording vlogs. With an ergonomic and streamlined front panel, these units are ideal for those that are inexperienced and keen to further indulge in home recording.

The Portastudio line is still in production decades since its inception, with Tascam continuing to improve upon the legendary name and its design. Available in a range of different sizes, ranging from 8-track to 32-track, these iconic pieces of gear remain relevant even with the rise of DAWs and computer-based methods.