Studio Monitors

Studio Monitors

Our selection of studio monitors features some of the industry's biggest names; resonant sound, acoustic accuracy and punchy response at every price point is the aim of the game! Every recording studio needs a great set of speakers to ensure you hear every detail in your mix.

We offer a full range of monitoring solutions, whether it's simple desktop speakers for added accuracy at an affordable price, or a a full nearfield studio solution for your professional setup, we've curated our range with all of your needs in mind! We have a range of both passive monitors and active monitors, as well as a variety of studio subwoofers!

We stock fantastic affordable monitor setups from manufacturers such as KRK Systems, Presonus, Kali Audio and many more! We also offer great finance options so getting that top-quality mix has never been this easy!

Once you've got some monitor speakers, you might want to check out our range of speaker stands & accessories to be sure you get the best experience with your new speakers.

If you're after a cutting edge, unparalleled sonic experience, we also stock a range of medium to high-end options. This includes the latest ranges from Adam Audio, Genelec, and Focal Professional, among others. Pop down to our Guildford store to try them out for yourself, or check out the full selection here!