Midas are well known for creating professional mixing consoles. They have been going for 50 years!


With a rich history of almost 50 years, Midas has become renowned for its recording and live performance consoles. Over the years, Midas has been a constant source of innovation; helping to bring console design into the digital age, and winning a variety of awards in the process.


The Midas brand had humble roots; a London manufacturer of amplifiers and speaker cabinets, working with next door neighbour Martin Audio to create modular PA systems for many concert tours of the 1970s.

In those days, much of the concert sound equipment was fairly primitive. Seeing a gap in the market, the company owner Jeff Byers believed he could improve on what was currently on offer. The result was the first Midas Console.

The PRO4 was the first Midas console to have major success, and soon enough would be found on the tours of the top performers such as Elvis Presley, Yes, Billy Joel, Pink Floyd, and the Beach Boys.

Midas continued to develop and innovate, creating bigger and better consoles, and their flagship XL4 created in 1995 is the ultimate analogue live console, and is still specified on concert riders today. Along with the Heritage series, Midas and the XL4 soon became the industry standard and the console toured the world with Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Metallica, The Rolling Stones, Simply Red and many other high-profile acts. 

In 2003 Midas saw the potential for a Digital mixing system so started development, ensuring that the “Midas sound” was kept intact, whilst adding new functionality that a digital system could bring.

Today’s consoles maintain the rich Midas history, and continue to be used on many high profile tours and events.

The most recent addition to the series, the Midas M series desks offer a modern, more affordable alternative mixing desk. As a result, the Midas sound is now accessible to more musicians, sound engineers and smaller concert venues.