Mackie offer an excellent range of affordable pro quality gear for live sound and in the studio.


Priding themselves on affordable quality, Mackie deliver just that. With their vast range in studio equipment, Mackie have something for everyone from the professional producer to the bedroom amateur when it comes to recording gear. With a wide range of studio monitors, digital and analog desks and mixers, Mackie offer everything you need for a great sounding, versatile studio setup.

Mackie have branched out into offering their award-winning mixers with a built-in audio interface over USB, proven popular thanks to the good reputation behind the Mackie name. when it comes to studio mixing consoles (the Mackie 8Bus series and Mackie D8B are still being used in many studios today!). The addition of a built in interface to Mackie's versatile desks and clean preamps means they are all the more versatile.

Mackie's other speciality is in live equipment, and their PA systems recently changed the face of live music drastically as more bands and venues can now afford their own PA systems. No longer do front of house engineers have to struggle with an old, lifeless PA. The SRM series of PA speakers have been a massive hit because they deliver a great live sound for bands, parties, and functions. The Mackie SRM series provide a full-range frequency response and versatile features making them suitable for everything from amateur, one-mic sound reinforcement jobs to full on live band ensemble situations with complex mixes.

Mackie also offer a speaker range for those on tighter budgets: for a still-excellent, yet more affordable option, the Mackie Thumps offer a lot of value for money.

Check out the PA bundles we have that include Mackie gear - you might be surprised just how simple and affordable your setup could be, leaving your band more time to concentrate on making music!