Tannoy is one of the world’s most renowned speaker manufacturers. With a long history and a rich heritage, decades of experience has culminated in a strong product range in the 21st Century.

The PA and studio speaker industry is hugely competitive, with a number of companies producing their own designs. Despite the huge amount of variety out there, a lot of these brands owe a lot of their success to Tannoy, who arguably set the precedent.

Pioneering the ‘Dual Concentric’ speaker design, this innovation involved placing the tweeter behind the centre of the main medium or bass driver. Known as a ‘coaxial speaker’, this is considered the industry standard when it comes to professional audio.

History of Tannoy

Founded in London in 1926, Tannoy became an established name during World War II, supplying PA systems to the armed forces and to family holiday camps post-war.

Tannoy is perhaps most notorious however for its public-address system, which has been used colloquially for decades. With these systems used often in retail and public areas, the brand’s name is so synonymous with its system that it is also used as a verb (to “tannoy”). The term has become a genericised trademark, with the company carefully curating and preserving it.

The Tannoy Range

Tannoy’s current range at Andertons Music Co. includes their affordable Reveal studio monitors. With an elegant aesthetic, these monitors won’t look out of place in any studio setup, however their sound quality is their biggest asset. 

Featuring custom-designed woofers, the amount of low-end emitted by these speakers is incredible, remaining clear and precise without any wooliness. Finely tweaked crossover-filter-alignment makes sure that the timing between the drivers is optimal, producing the best sound possible without hindering your mix’s stereo imaging.

These powerful speakers therefore punch far above their weight, giving you pro-quality sound in your home studio or space.