StudioLogic has been a pioneer of studio keyboard gear for over 30 years, with its high quality selection of MIDI Controllers.


StudioLogic has pioneered the use of keyboards as a compositional and creative tool in the studio. Their first product back in 1986 was the Studio 88, one of the first ever “Master Keyboard” MIDI keyboard Controllers that helped to shape the massive range that’s now available.

CEO Marco Ragni says:

“Nowadays musical instruments are becoming consumer electronic goods. Studiologic tries to invert this trend, focusing on the user's experience as the center of its own ideology of development.”

Rather than adding loads of buttons, knobs and sliders, the ethos of StudioLogic’s instruments is the keyboard itself, focusing on the quality and feel as an instrument.

StudioLogic have since expanded their range of SL studio controller keyboards, as well as creating their Numa professional stage pianos and a Synth called Sledge. All these keyboards are created with the same ethos in mind, reflected in the quality and feel of the instruments.