Chapman Guitars

Chapman Guitars

Chapman are renowned for being the the first guitar company to “collaboratively” design their instruments with the public. Initially involving founder Rob Chapman’s loyal YouTube following, the company now receives thousands of votes worldwide when it unveils its specification polls for new models!

Chapman Guitars by Series

The brand are experts in offering high-quality instruments at affordable prices, particularly those from their Standard Series. But if you're looking for a bit more precision and finesse, the electric guitars from the Chapman Pro Series come kitted out with premium features that include aftermarket pickups from Seymour Duncan, reliable hardware from Hipshot, Roasted Maple necks, and even stainless steel frets!

Chapman Guitars by Model

Numerous models make up the Chapman Guitars lineup. The ML1 is the one that started it all, based on a timeless S-type body shape but with sleeker contours for a more modern aesthetic. There are several versions of the ML1 available across both the Standard and Pro lines — including versatile HSS 'Hybrid' models and even baritones!

Then there's the ML2 single-cut, which returned to the Chapman catalogue in 2022 with a far more contemporary look! And last but not least, there's the ML3 — resembling the iconic T-style guitar. This model caters for both current and old-school players with Modern and Traditional variants available; the former boasting a pair of powerful humbuckers, and the Traditional equipped with classic single-coils.