Humbucker Guitar Pickups

From classic P.A.F tone to the high-gain ceramics of today. Explore our incredible selection oh dual-coil humbucker pickups.

Humbucker Guitar Pickups

Humbuckers are one of the most popular pickups designs for smooth tone and a wealth of musical styles. They are made using two separate single coil each wound in a different direction over a central magnet. This method eliminates hum, unlike that of a single coil pickup – hence the humbucker name.

You’ll find a wide variety of humbucker pickups producing different tones. Some have more coil windings than others, while others use varying types of magnets such as alnico II, III, IV, V and ceramics. That means there’s options out there for classic rock and blues players, super smooth alternative and indie styles and high gain metal. Famous humbuckers include the original P.A.F by Gibson and the gloriously high output Seymour Duncan Distortion. A popular modern choice is the Bare Knuckle Aftermath.

Even then, you’ll find loads of different tonalities within each subsection. You can get humbuckers with a wide frequency range, a punchy mid-section or a fat, bassy low end. Active pickups, which utilise batteries to enhance the signal, have their own unique sound.

Find famous humbucker pickups made by Seymour Duncan, Gibson, DiMarzio, Bare Knuckle and EMG – just to name a few – in our vast selection.