EMG Pickups

EMG pickups have earned their place as leaders in high-output pickup manufacture.

EMG Pickups

In the 1980s, guitarists found themselves looking for more and more gain as hard-rock and heavy metal picked up traction. EMG answered the call, pioneering active pickup systems that had a far higher output than anything else on the market.

They very quickly became one of the go-to options for guitarists who desired unprecedented levels of high-gain punch. Brandished by the likes of Metallica, Slayer, Judas Priest and countless others, they remain titans in the pickup category!

Our range includes their staple sets, such as the classic 81 & 85 Active combo, as well as a range of signature pickups from Steve Lukather, Kerry King and many more! Take a look at our full selection below!

EMG Pickups FAQs

Are EMG pickups good?

EMG makes great pickups that are beloved by professionals and hobbyists alike. With an artist roster including David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Prince, Steve Lukather (Toto), Marty Friedman, Kirk Hammett (Metallica), James Hetfield (Metallica), and more you can be assured that EMG make great pickups.

What does EMG pickups stand for?

EMG stands for "Electro-Magnetic Generator".

How long do EMG pickups last?

EMG guitar and bass pickups can typically last around 1,000 hours before the battery needs changing.

Do EMG pickups need batteries?

EMG active pickups require a battery for power, while EMG passive pickups do not.

What are better active or passive pickups?

It's all down to personal preference as neither is objectively better. Passive pickups have an open and organic sound that’s great for vintage styles and don't require batteries. However, active pickups are capable of higher output and sustain that makes them great for metal and aggressive styles.