Soundcraft is a professional audio equipment company, specialising in live mixing consoles and solutions.


Founded by sound engineer Phil Dudderidge and electronics designer Graham Blyth in the mid-70s, the former of whom served as Led Zeppelin’s first dedicated sound engineer in 1970, this British company has been responsible for a number of breakthroughs within the audio industry. 

Still boasting a successful range decades later, Soundcraft continue to innovate and push the envelope within the live and recording industry.

History of Soundcraft

Soundcraft put themselves on the map with the Series 1, a compact live mixing console built into a portable flightcase. With 12 or 16 input channels and 4 outputs, not to mention 4-band EQ sections for each channel, this powerful piece of gear was groundbreaking for live use.

The Series 2 that followed was suited for both live and studio applications, available as a four or eight-bus console. With more channels, sweepable EQs and far more flexibility for routing, Soundcraft established a strong reputation throughout the 70s and beyond, helping to craft the “British Sound”.

The Soundcraft Range

Designed in Britain, Soundcraft’s current range is fairly diverse. The SI Expression live sound mixers sit at the top of their catalogue; powerful digital consoles that provide amazing versatility and control. 

Embracing modern technology without hindering audio fidelity, the SI Expression mixers feature built-in effects that can be used on any channel, with flexible EQ processing that allows you to fine-tune to great detail. Compatible with iPads, you can make adjustments on-the-fly from different positions in a venue, in case your front-of-house vantage point isn’t good.

If you want that signature Soundcraft sound but for much less money, the EFX live mixers are also a good shout. With enough channels to capture small ensembles to full band setups, these mixers are fantastic value-for money, with usable EQ as well as digital verb/delay and modulation effects.