AKG Acoustics

AKG Acoustics

AKG are a well respected brand, with their microphones, wireless systems, turntables and headphones now industry standard choices for professionals.


AKG are modern legends in the music industry, with microphones like the C12 and C414 becoming classic choices for pro studios around the world. With over 60 years of experience, working with musicians to make the best tools for the job, you can rely on AKG to give you the performance you'd expect from a pro brand. 


AKG was first founded in 1947 as an establishment for "the manufacture of audio and film equipment" after working with theatres to provide high quality audio-visual gear. Within 3 years, the focus had securely moved to microphones and loudspeakers, and their big breakthrough came when creating the world's first high quality cardioid microphone, the D12 in 1950. Another groundbreaking microphone came in '53 with the C12, the first microphone with noiseless and seamless switchable polar pattern design. These products elevated AKG to the international stage, setting the standard for the era. AKG's continued their success with headphone design and their first major breakthrough came with the K50 headphones- the first superaural, openback, lightweight headphones with superior sound quality that was a major hit and formed the basis of AKGs development in this sector. 

This innovation and desire for cutting edge technology has continued throughout AKG's history, with the legendary C414 in 1971 and receiving a Grammy Award in 2010 for it's services to the industry. 


AKG now offers a fantastic range of professional audio products covering a range of price points. Classic models have been refined and updated over the years to offer the same great performance with modern features like better reliability and more flexible options.

AKG Microphones

The AKG Microphone series now offers a wide variety of options to suit your needs and budget. Whilst a stereo pair of C414s are at the top of most peoples wish lists, there are also great options like the P420 for project studio owners on a budget. AKG offer some fantastic Drum microphone packages that include the legendary D112 bass drum microphone.

If you're a gigging musician, AKG offer some fantastic vocal microphone packages including their WMS Perception wireless sets and a range of high-performance handheld dynamic microphones.

AKG Headphones

Whilst AKG now do a range of lifestyle headphones in funky colours, they haven't forgotten their roots in professional audio. Andertons Music Co. offer their full range of reference studio headphones from closed back headphones that are great for tracking to openback models that are best for mixing. Whether you're looking for your first set of mixing headphones in the K52's or you want full reference class monitoring cans with the k700 series, AKG offer a full range to suit your experience level and budget.