Morgan Amplification

Morgan Amplification

Morgan mastermind Joe Morgan has been building, modifying and repairing guitar amplifiers since 1996; he designs for the working musician, whether that means a Sunday morning church gig or touring the world with James Taylor.

The ethos behind Morgan amps is that your amplifier ought to be as much of an instrument as your guitar is. With this in mind, they aim to create highly responsive, dynamic and tonally rich amplifiers that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

They also believe that your amp is only as good as its components, which is why they choose the best parts without compromise. This ensures great attention to detail, longevity, tweak-ability and a diverse range of tones – ticking all the boxes. Every amp is hand-wired with love, aimed at capturing the vintage magic of old-school valve amps while delivering a wholly fresh sound for you to mould.

The Morgan range covers the full amplification spectrum. This means a great selection of guitar cabs to suit different needs; compact 1x12” options loaded with Celestion Creambacks to studio-ready isolation cabs, and everything in between. It also means a diverse range of valve combo amps for any musical style, including 12W, 20W, 25W and 50W options among others. Their amp head selection is similarly varied, with compact offerings as well as full-size reverb-loaded amps – the choice is yours!

Finally, they’ve branched out into the world of pedals in recent years with a small selection of fuzz pedals. As with the amp range, these pedals promise to deliver plenty of old-school sound with simple interfaces that’ll work wonders for any signal chain. Check out our full selection below!