KRK Systems

KRK Systems

KRK are a well known studio monitor brand, hugely popular with project studio owners with their affordable speakers with fantastic bass response.


KRK's now famous black and yellow active studio monitors can be found in a wide range of studios round the country, from students bedrooms, to the studios of professional EDM and dance music producers. Not only do they have a low profile and cool sleek look, the KRK speakers are well known for their fantastic low end, small size and excellent value for money. 

KRK Systems was founded in 1986 by Keith Klawitter, who'd been a sound engineer for years and had never found the the clarity and accuracy he expected in a professional set of Studio Monitors. So he decided to start building his own monitors to get the performance he wanted. It was not long before word got out about the quality and performance of these studio monitors, with engineers and producers lining up to commission a set from was here that KRK was born.

Staying true to Keith's original motivations, for KRK the key to a good studio monitor is one that delivers a true acoustic interpretation of the mix. KRK won't release a new monitor until it's performance is just right. You rely on your speakers to tell you exactly what's going on in a mix, so KRK want to create a setup you have complete trust in.

KRK Rokit Series

KRK's Rokit series has been one of our most popular studio monitoring options for over a decade. KRK were one of the first brands to offer professional quality monitor speakers on a budget, and so became a staple of small bedrooms, project studios and pro studios everywhere.

KRK V Series

The V Series are a significant step up in performance from the Rokits, if you're needing more power, accuracy, precision and versatility. The V's are a standard choice for professional recording studios, broadcast studios and serious project studios.