Electric Guitar Starter Packs

Electric Guitar Starter Packs

Christmas is almost here! We know that buying your first electric guitar can be quite a daunting experience. Unlike acoustic guitars, an electric guitar must work in conjunction with other pieces of gear, including most vitally, a guitar amp. With other accessories like a cables, tuner, strap and plectrum also needed, a decent guitar starter pack provides all of the essentials.

Our EastCoast guitar bundles represent some of the best bang for your buck if you're looking to get started on your electric guitar journey. Based on some of the most iconic guitar designs in history, these guitars will make you want to pick them up time and time again!

Andertons Music Co. stocks established brands such as Squier and Epiphone, both of which produce all-encompassing starter packs. The Epiphone Slash Les Paul Special II AFD Performance Pack is one of our most popular starter sets. Featuring a stunning singlecut guitar that derives from Slash’s most iconic instrument, this electric guitar starter kit also comes with a protective gig bag and an assortment of key accessories.

Squier guitar starter packs are considered the standard, with many musicians kicking off their playing careers with these affordable sets. The Squier Affinity Series derive from their US-made Fender counterparts, epitomising everything that a guitar should be. With a versatile array of different pickups to choose from, they offer up a range of different tones to the user, these traditional-looking guitars are suitable for many musical genres.

Interested in learning more about the basics of an electric guitar? Check out our Electric Guitar Buyers Guide!