Top 10 Guitar Amps for your Christmas Wishlist!

2019 was a special year for guitar amps, with plenty of new and innovative releases.

In time for the holiday season, we've compiled this list of some of our favourite amps from 2019 and beyond. Check it out!

'Tis the season...

It's that time of the year again. As Christmas draws closer, it can be difficult to know where to start - whether you're gift shopping or looking to treat yourself!

Fear not; we’ve compiled a neat top 10 list to save you the hassle. There's plenty to choose from, whether you’re a hard-rocking metalhead or a blues amp aficionado. Check out the list below and find something noisy to plug into on Christmas day!

Update: the Boss Waza-Air headphones are definitely on our lists this year. A Boss modelling amp in headphone form? What's not to love?

Building on their best-selling formula, Boss unveiled its next generation of flagship guitar amplifiers in October 2019 - the Katana MkII series! Boss' original Katana amps received worldwide acclaim for their authentic tube tones, high-quality built-in effects and brilliant value, and their MkII editions are enhanced with more sounds, effects and connectivity options for greater versatility.

New features include the 'variation' switch, effectively doubling the number of tones at your disposal, as well as the ability to use five high-quality effects simultaneously, with 15 to choose from in total. These all-encompassing amps really do it all! Click here to read more about the Boss Katana MkII range.

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Blackstar’s Fly amps are the most compact in their range, and are arguably among the most compact amps available on the market. The aim is to offer a practical solution for guitarists of all styles and abilities. This means simple controls, versatile sound and intuitive connectivity.

In the Fly range, you’ll find everything from simple plug-in practice amps to battery-powered Bluetooth options. This makes busking and regular practice an absolute breeze. They even offer extension cabinets, to give your portable guitar rig a true-stereo turbo-boost!

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We know what you’re thinking; these don’t look much like amps. Don’t be fooled! These jumbo pedals are self-contained valve-powered preamps. This means you get legitimate amplifier tones in a small, stompable package.

The best bit? You can use them in a bunch of different ways. Plug them into the front of your amp for an extra layer of tube saturation and distortion. Connect via the input and effects loop simultaneously to bypass your amp’s own preamp. Finally, hook it straight up to your recording interface for great direct amp sounds. There are 3 varieties available, each offering a slightly different sound.

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If you’re looking for the purest, old-school Marshall tones without spending a fortune on original models from the '60s and '70s, the Origin series is the way to go.

Available in head or combo forms with accompanying cabs to boot, the Origin series captures the essence of the company's game-changing Plexi amplifiers from half a century ago. They even have a cool vintage aesthetic, but the best bit? They're reasonably priced. Classic Brit valve tones galore.

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When Yamaha launched its THR amp range a few years ago, frankly, they took the industry by storm. Marketed as all-encompassing desktop amps, original Yamaha THRs were distinctive for their lightweight lunchbox-style enclosures and praised for the versatile tones that they could offer - as well as their surprising volume! Move forward to 2019, and the THR range has received a significant makeover.

Yamaha's THR-II amps retain the same form-factor as their older counterparts, albeit with slightly fancier front grille styling. The main upgrades have more to do with their feature-sets, with Yamaha packing its second-iteration THRs with almost twice as many amp and mic emulations. Also offering wireless compatibility with Line 6's G10T transmitter and Bluetooth support for stereo audio playback, USB connectivity enables direct recording to your computer's DAW software too - no external interfaces required!

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Fender amps have a reputation for their gloriously rich, jangly clean tones. Nowadays, however, the company offers amps of all shapes and sizes to suit just about any sound you fancy - while retaining the tonal magic that originally put them on the map.

We're firm believers that every guitarist should play through a Fender amp at some point. From the classic compact valve power of the Blues Junior to the cutting-edge realistic modelling technology of the Tone Master range, you can't go wrong with a Fender amp.

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Supro is a popular boutique brand, providing guitarists with nostalgic, old-school valve amplifiers that recapture legendary '50s and '60s vintage sounds. Their Blues King amps are certainly no exception! Although their low wattages might not sound like much on paper, these affordable valve-powered combos are delightfully loud; able to pump out exquisite, British-style clean and overdrive tones.

While the smaller 1x8" combo is a no-nonsense, plug-in-and-play affair; the slightly bigger 6L6-driven Blues King 12 has some handy modern tricks hidden up its sleeve. With footswitchable boost and gain functions, these let you add multiple layers of stackable overdrive completely on-the-fly - perfect for giving solos that extra kick of volume and dirt! Analogue spring reverb is also worthy of note, as well as an effects loop and even a line-out for direct recording/monitoring.

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During the Summer of 2019, German amp-modelling wizards Kemper finally released a floor-based version of their popular Profiler amp - the Profiler Stage. Silencing its fans after years of requests, the Profiler Stage is essentially the perfect blend of a full-fledged Profiler and Kemper's Remote footswitch.

Featuring the exact same powerful features and presets found in its amp-based counterparts, the more compact and portable Kemper Profiler Stage offers unbeatable amp modelling and effects, as well as comprehensive connectivity and a handy built-in looper. With a similarly intuitive interface that allows you to carefully tweak amp and effect parameters, the Profiler Stage is the ultimate live performance and studio tool.

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Replacing its TVP range, Blackstar's stylish Silverline lineup encompasses the brand's most versatile guitar amplifiers to date. Modern modelling technology meets tasteful boutique styling, with super-competitive pricing.

Building on their critically-acclaimed ID:Series technology, Blackstar's flexible Silverline guitar amps feature a unique dual patent design, with a high-powered SHARC processors to ensure top-notch performance. These are the very same processors used the professionals, so you're in good company. With 6 valve-inspired voices to choose from and 128 onboard patches to play with, these amps serve as all-encompassing workhorses for recording and live performance!

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UK manufacturer Ashdown have always been a reputable name in the industry, with a penchant for creating some of the most powerful, reliable bass amps. With their new Studio range, they went above and beyond to offer killer bass tones without the associated weight complications.

These amps are pinch-yourself lightweight, without compromising on tone. With a simple set of controls to offer you no-nonsense rumble, these vintage-style practical amps might just be the bass rig you've been looking for.

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