While most music software is associated with music production, you don’t have to be a producer to know about Toontrack. The company have made a name for themselves producing great sounding, highly accessible virtual instruments aimed at every kind of musician. Whether you’re a bedroom guitarist or a touring DJ, there’ll be a Toontrack instrument for you!

The History of Toontrack

As with many manufacturers and developers in the music industry, Toontrack have grown from humble beginnings. The Swedish company was started in 1999, and it all came from a simple idea; co-founder Mattias Eklund wanted great sounding drums for his songwriting and recording projects. This simple idea grew to become Drumkit From Hell, which sent shockwaves through the music production world. How could a sampled drum kit instrument sound so responsive and accurate? Eklund stated that they ‘had no aspirations of selling it in the first place’ – as it happens, Drumkit From Hell practically sold itself!

Since then, the company has expanded far beyond the size of Eklund’s apartment in Sweden. Toontrack has a team of almost 30 people based in offices in four countries, always looking to expand their innovation and create the next ground-breaking tool for musicians!

The Toontrack Range

Despite the company making a name for themselves creating world-class drum plugins and virtual instruments, their product range is now one of the most diverse on the market. Keys, synths, mixing tools, amp simulation – you name it, they’ve got it! With software spanning almost every category, you’re bound to find something you’re after in our Toontrack selection!  

Superior Drummer

Superior Drummer took the Drumkit From Hell engine and took it up several notches, offering an unprecedented level of articulation options, mixing tools, cross-compatibility and more.

Superior Drummer 3.0 was released in 2017 with a massive overhaul of features. While the library used for the incredible SD2.0 was approximately 19GB in size, SD3.0 was around 230GB – a whopping 12 times bigger! This meant an unparalleled level of detail, allowing new depths of tonal tweaking, customisation, MIDI compatibility and more. It’s main features include 6 branded drum kits with 14 kit configurations, surround-sound playback, over 350 drum machine and synth sounds, 35 mixer effects and much more. Superior Drummer 3.0 is a force to be reckoned with!

EZ Range

As the name suggests, the EZ range is designed to be intuitive and accessible in every respect. With a number of subcategories (EZDrummer, EZKeys, EZMix and more), Toontrack offer a wealth of sounds based on different styles, musical eras, instrument selections and much more.

Within the EZDrummer line, you’ve got the same level of sample quality and customisation, but without requiring as much hard-drive space, computer power or cost! There are a number of packages suited to your chosen style; Big Rock Drums, Made Of Metal and UK Pop are among some of the most popular stylised EZDrummer kits available!

The EZKeys and EZMix ranges reflect the EZDrummer formula; all-encompassing keyboard and mixing toolkits with a wealth of stylistic options to choose from.

MIDI Packs

The Toontrack MIDI packs boast genre-specific sounds and plugins, with heaps of pre-recorded / programmed MIDI loops and stems. This allows you to craft your music quicker and easier, perfect for musicians with writer's block!

Check out our full Toontrack range below – if you have any questions about ordering any of their products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!