Reason Studios

Reason Studios

Formerly Propellerhead, Reason Studios are the masterminds behind Reason. Most synonymous with electronic musicians, it essentially allows users to build emulated synthesizers via its incredible algorithms and plug-ins.

From various LFOs, waveforms, effects and more available, Reason offers unbelievable amounts of tweakability, by allowing you to construct virtual synths from scratch. 

History of Reason Studios

Reason Studios was founded as Propellerhead in Stockholm, Sweden in 1994. A collaboration between Ernst Nathorst-Böös, Marcus Zetterquist and Peter Jubel, the company’s first innovation and success was its ReCycle programme. 

This intuitive sample loop editor could intelligently alter the tempo of a loop without compromising or changing its pitch. A groundbreaking piece of software at the time, ReCycle was launched alongside industry giants Steinberg, who marketed it with their flagship Cubase DAW (digital audio workstation) software.

The success of ReCycle allowed Propellerhead to develop their next software, ReBirth RB-338. A programmable step-based sequencer, this powerful software could emulate legendary Roland units that were used extensively in 80s and 90s electronic music. This included the iconic TR series drum machines as well as bass synths such as the TB-303. In 2019, the company rebranded as Reason Studios to align with their trailblazing software brand.

The Reason Studios Range

Released in 2000, Reason is the product that really put Propellerhead on the map. Now a fully-fledged DAW in its own right, Reason can be used to create and edit music, and boasts a range of emulated synths, samplers, sequencers, signal processors and more. 

The beauty of Reason is that you can connect all of these virtual units in whichever order or sequence you like, providing an almost limitless amount of sonic possibilities.

Reason 11 is the biggest update that the company has ever unveiled. With a number of new cutting-edge virtual synths, sampled collections and effects on offer, this latest incarnation of the legendary programme is more versatile and diverse than ever before. With over 70 individual devices (Reason 11 Suite), an in-depth rack-based interface and even a separate plugin-only version for use in your own DAW, Reason is a true standout music production powerhouse.