Lauten Audio

Lauten create innovative new microphones that offer amazing new features and flexibility for the modern engineer.

Lauten Audio

Lauten Audio is a premium manufacturer from sunny California USA!

Whilst many classic microphones of the past century are revered for their particular sound and character, they are sometimes restricted in their use. It's up to the mics of the future to really push the boundaries of microphone design and use cases. Lauten Audio aim to address these questions and offer new innovative features for engineers; shrinking their mic collection and giving them new creative possibilities in the studio.

Lauten Audio collaborate with industry professionals and Grammy nominated engineers to find out what professionals are looking for in a modern microphone. As a result they come up with innovative new designs that professionals want.

The great thing about not trying to recreate the past is that Lauten mics have a unique modern character and timbre, inspiring musicians to be creative and think fresh.