Spector Basses

Spector basses are highly regarded as one of the best modern bass brands available today. With modern feel and powerful pickups they were always designed to serve the player who favoured sound and feel over tradition and a brand name.

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Spector Basses

Many of their basses have onboard active electronics or active pickups to give a modern, hot sound that is great for rock, fusion and pop music. These basses are highly versatile, designed for the modern working bass player.

History of Spector Basses

They've been around since 1976 with the first bass, the NS-1 being released in 1977 and proving to raise the bar in the bass world. They currently have a factory in the Czech Republic and Korea producing their high-quality instruments with a small-batch factory operating in America too. Famous players include Mike Kroeger (Nickelback), Mike Inez (Alice in Chains) and John Moyer (Disturbed).


With manufacturing in Korea, the Czech Republic and the USA, Spector cater for a range of price points. Their leading range, the built-to order USA models are built by master craftsmen in America whilst their Euro series are built using the same woods and techniques for a wider audience. Finally the Legend Series, Performer Series and SpectorCore Series are built in Korea offering great quality at amazingly affordable price points.

Spector Basses FAQs

Where are Spector Basses made?

Spector Basses are produced in a factory in South Korea and the Czech Republic, while a small-batch factory also operates in the USA.

Are Spector Basses any good?

Yes. Spector Basses are regarded as one of the best bass brands around. Their high-quality instruments combine powerful pickups with a truly modern playing feel.

How much do Spector Basses cost?

Spector Basses range in price from the more affordable Bass Coda Pro 4 (£549), to the premium Bass Euro 5LT (£2,918). Each undergoes a meticulous design, construction and testing process, resulting in basses that are suitable for the beginner and professional player alike.