Ernie Ball Paradigm Guitar Strings

Ernie Ball Paradigm Guitar Strings

Rock And Roll History

The list of Ernie Ball artists is extensive. By playing Ernie Ball strings you’re in good company with guys like Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Slash. Oh and did we mention Keith Richards, Paul Gilbert, Pete Townshend and the thousands of others? I could write a list spanning 20 pages of great players that use Ernie Ball.

The New Paradigm strings still have that legendary tone and character that all of these artists love. Except they’re pushing the boundaries of durability, strength and life of a simple string.


What To Do If My Paradigm String Breaks?

Ernie Ball back the new Paradigms so much that they promise the strings will rock for 90 days with no problems. That means no rust or corrosion. And no string breakage.

It’s almost suicidal for a string company to offer replacements for string breakages. They happen all the time right? Not with Paradigms. This means you could tour the whole of Europe, for 3 months on one set of guitar strings!

So if you do manage to break one within 90 days here’s what you do:

  • Go to
  • Use the unique pack number on the inside of your paradigm packaging to file a claim.
  • We can only cover UK and EU purchases that have come through Andertons.