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"The best instruments I have ever made" - Leo Fender

G&L guitars are the late, great hit from the legendary luthier. They successfully melded classic guitar templates with modern innovations. Let's take a look at the extensive range...

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Elliot Stent

The G&L Guitars Story

If you’re unfamiliar with G&L Guitars, at first glance you may think that their models have a recognisable look. However, there’s a great story behind that. You’ll soon discover that under their surfaces, G&L instruments boast a number of forward-thinking features that put them ahead of their competition. Innovated, no less, by the legendary Leo Fender…

Fender founded his eponymous company in the mid ‘40s, and arguably formed the foundations of electric guitar design as we know it today. In 1965, the iconic architect sold his brand to CBS, with the intention to break new ground within the industry. Using the vast wisdom and experience he’d accumulated, Fender pioneered new technologies elsewhere.

Forming CLF Research, Fender's new company designed and manufactured instruments for Music Man in the '70s. However, Leo's desire to once again establish a fully-fledged musical instrument brand burned deep. That's why he founded G&L Guitars at the end of the decade, for full creative control and ownership of his ideas. Once labelling his new products "the best instruments I have ever made", it was through G&L that Leo refined his formulas to the standards that he had spent almost his entire life striving for.

Conceiving multiple cutting-edge innovations, Fender’s G&L concepts would prove to push the boundaries of traditional electric guitar design. Influencing other companies in later years to make similar enhancements, Leo Fender’s legacy lives on most strongly though G&L, who continue to drive his vision forward in the 21st Century.

G&L Guitar Innovations

Leo Fender dabbled with the designs of hardware components and guitar circuits, to give musicians instruments that were easier to play and tonally superior to anything else on the market. Still featured on their current instruments, these refinements have proved to survive and remain relevant several years later.

Dual-Fulcrum Tremolo (left) - One such innovation includes the distinctive 'Dual-Fulcrum' tremolo. A considerable improvement over the vintage-style 6-screw version, with its low friction design the Dual-Fulcrum vibrato provides better tuning stability and a far smoother action when in use. While also letting players slightly raise their guitar's pitch, this design has become the standard, with other companies employing the same concept (including Fender).

Saddle-Lock Bridge (middle) - Other than its cool name, the G&L 'Saddle-Lock' bridge serves a very practical purpose too. Using a mechanism that prevents the individual string saddles from moving around, this system ensures that your strings are evenly spaced apart for greater consistency. With the saddles locked together, the vibrations from the strings are also transferred more effectively through the guitar’s body, offering increased sustain.

PTB Tone System - Unlike conventional tone controls that roll off the top-end of your overall guitar signal or that of a single pickup, G&L’s ‘PTB Tone System’ is far more thoughtful. Featured on many of the Legacy and S-500 models, this system essentially gives you two master tone controls – one that decreases the treble like a typical tone knob, and one that decreases the low-end (like a high-pass filter). More flexible and versatile, with both controls eased off you can attain a nasally lower mid-range sound (think Dire Straits’ “Money for Nothing”).

MFD Pickups (right) - G&L's 'Magnetic Field Design' pickups are definitely worthy of note. Utilising ceramic bar magnets, their design transfers the magnetic field to the top of the pickup, delivering a warmer and more balanced sound with a wider frequency response. This is also thanks in part to the adjustable iron pole pieces too, which let you determine their heights in relation to the strings, unlike traditional single coils that are pre-set.

Where are G&L Guitars made?

All G&L USA instruments are crafted in Leo’s iconic factory on Fender Avenue in Fullerton, California; dubbed “The Birthplace of the Bolt-On”. With Leo’s private workshop remaining untouched and at the heart of the factory, Fender’s spirit still inspires workers and the construction of modern-day G&L instruments.

Check out the video below, which gives you an in-depth tour of Leo's office at G&L's headquarters:

With all US-made guitars undergoing a thorough PLEK machine process, these particular models offer unrivalled levels of playability. Meticulously cutting the fret and nut slots with laser-accurate precision, this machine ensures unparalleled consistency across the neck, giving you superb intonation all over the fingerboard. Also levelling and dressing the frets so that you can set the string action super-low, only a handful of guitars in the world undergo this comprehensive process.

G&L Tribute Series instruments are more affordable alternatives of the USA models. Still boasting the same beauty and elegance of their American counterparts, these guitars and basses are produced in Indonesia by teams of highly-skilled luthiers.

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The ASAT takes on the traditional T-Type aesthetic and construction. However, with G&L’s signature refinements, these models perfectly combine the perks of modern playability with the notoriety of a classic and adored design.


Available with balanced-sounding Alder bodies or lightweight and resonant Swamp Ash, every ASAT model features a bolt-on Hard Rock Maple neck for that famous snap and top-end.

Apart from their body woods, these guitars are also separated by their fingerboard materials, available with Maple or Caribbean Rosewood. All of these options are dependent on which type of colour finish you decide to go for, ensuring that players with different preferences are catered for.

Electronics & Hardware

The Standard and Deluxe ASAT Classic guitars boast G&L's Leo Fender-designed MFD pickups. These innovative single-coils utilise ceramic magnets and iron pole pieces to provide ultra-clear and articulate sounds, responding well to your playing dynamics.

If you want something different though, the Deluxe ASAT Classic Bluesboy guitars feature Alnico II neck humbuckers. This thoughtful addition gives them a little more versatility, with an unmistakeably warm tone that pairs nicely with the MFD bridge single-coil, giving a more diverse array of sounds.

These ASAT models are installed with a boxed-style bridge, a design that even vintage aficionados will feel at home with. The '50s vibe remains intact with its brass saddles too, but with individual saddles for each string, you can intonate them more precisely to guarantee great tuning stability across all areas of the fingerboard.

Like all of G&L’s US-made guitars, ASAT models are equipped with genuine bone nuts for increased sustain and longevity.

Similar to the ASAT Standard and Deluxe Classic instruments in terms of construction, the G&L Fullerton Deluxe ASAT Special is even more idiosyncratic, featuring the Jumbo versions of the company’s standard MFD single-coils. Projecting a slightly fatter sound with a punchier mid-range, these pickups fare much better with overdrive or distortion.

This particular model is also fitted with G&L's 'Saddle-Lock' bridge rather than the traditional boxed-style bridge found on the Classics. This ergonomically-engineered design features a clever mechanism that essentially stops the string saddles from moving, for a consistent distance between the strings and to enhance the string vibrations through the body, for increased sustain.

The G&L Tribute series gives you the aesthetics and essential features of the ASAT USA guitars, but at a more affordable price-point. Encompassing all of the key models that we broke down in the above sections and more, the diversity within the ASAT Tribute series ensures that there’ll always be something to meet your demands.


In terms of body woods, G&L makes use of a variety of materials for the ASAT Tribute series. Much like the USA ASAT Classic guitars, the types of finish that you choose will determine the body wood, and in this instance the ASAT Tribute Classic guitars can come with either Swamp Ash or Basswood bodies.

Many consider Basswood as a cheaper alternative to Alder, but many high-end guitars offered by other companies can still be constructed from it. With a potent mid-range quality and a light weight, Basswood is still a viable choice. Other Tribute models that feature Basswood bodies are the ASAT Classic Bluesboys and Specials, with the latter also available with Mahogany.

A popular tonewood that was established by one of the industry’s giants, Mahogany offers a richer tone with enhanced lows. This gives a fuller and more balanced sound, which is why G&L has also used this material for their ASAT Junior II and Deluxe ‘Carved Top’ guitars. With the latter adorned with stunning Flamed Maple tops too, these instruments are among the most distinctive offered by G&L.

Electronics & Hardware

Despite their more affordable price-points, the majority of the ASAT Tribute models still feature G&L’s high-quality US-made pickups, wired at their Fullerton factory. While the Classic guitars feature MFD single-coils (with the Bluesboys boasting neck humbuckers), the ASAT Specials come with G&L’s Jumbo single-coils, which deliver a bolder sound with more low-end.

The Tribute ASAT Deluxe comes with a pair of Paul Cagon-designed humbuckers, with their medium outputs able to handle higher levels of gain much better than their single-coil counterparts. The ASAT Junior II features punchy P90s instead, and is also unique for its locking Tone-Pros tune-o-matic bridge.

The ASAT Classic instruments are fitted with traditional boxed-style bridges, while the Special and Deluxe ‘Carved Top’ models come with G&L’s innovative Saddle-Lock system. This design enhances sustain and ensures that the distances between the strings are even, for a better playing experience.

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The G&L Legacy adheres to the iconic S-Style shape. But much like their ASAT line, G&L has put their stamp on these models to enhance their playability and tones, with their very own innovations. These instruments perfectly merge traditional styling and modern functionality, in equal measure.

Although there are some construction differences between the Standard and Deluxe models, the most notable contrast is that the Standards come with a gigbag, and the Deluxes include a hardshell case.


The G&L Legacy Standard guitars are comprised of an Alder body and a Hard Rock Maple neck. The Alder delivers a well-rounded tone with rich highs, and as you’d expect, the bolt-on Maple necks provide a super-snappy and bright response.

Topped with Caribbean Rosewood fingerboards, this smooth material not only feels comfortable to play, but also adds some tonal warmth. With 22 medium jumbo frets and G&L’s ‘Modern Classic’ profile, these necks have a slim feel that contemporary players will surely enjoy, while not completely alienating traditionalists either.

Some of the Legacy Deluxe models have this exact construction too, although the instruments that feature Maple fingerboards come with Swamp Ash bodies instead. With a lighter weight than Alder and offering more natural resonance, this tonewood emits a different sound, with a slightly darker character that counteracts the excessive brightness from an all-Maple neck.

Electronics & Hardware

All of these USA Legacy models boast trios of G&L's CLF-100 pickups. These medium-output alnico single-coils are ultra-clear, capturing that vintage '60s vibe but with a slightly hotter mid-range, ensuring a more sensitive response to your playing dynamics.

The G&L PTB system features on the Legacy models, which essentially gives you two EQ controls. With one reducing the treble, the other decreases the low-end frequencies to give you greater control over your tone.

A famous G&L design that was pioneered by Leo Fender, the USA Legacy models all feature 'Dual-Fulcrum' vibratos. With two anchor points, this low-friction design has a smoother action for more-musical flutters, while letting you slightly raise the pitch too.

With 100% natural bone nuts, these not only increase sustain, but they also allow the strings to glide more freely. This prevents them from snagging when performing string bends or when using the trem, keeping tuning stable.

The Tribute series represents G&L’s affordable instrument range. With the majority of models closely deriving from their US-made counterparts, you’ll find that many features on the Tribute Legacy guitars are of the same quality.


Just like the more affordable ASAT models, you can get Tribute Legacy guitars with either Swamp Ash or Basswood bodies. Dependent on their colours (Swamp Ash – translucent/burst finishes, Basswood – solid finishes), these guitars are also available with Maple or Rosewood fingerboards, letting you attain brighter and darker sounds respectively.

With the Hard Rock Maple necks having a more old-school ‘Medium C’ neck profile, these guitars will appeal to both modern and traditional players, striking the perfect balance between old and new.

Electronics & Hardware

It’s surprising, but a lot of the key features from the US-made Legacys are appointed on the Tribute series models. This includes their pickups, with the full-fat, Fullerton-produced CLF-100 Alnico single-coils fitted in the Tribute Legacys. With a super-sweet top-end and a potent mid-range, these pickups accentuate all of your playing articulation in great detail.

The PTB system has also been carried over, letting you have direct control over your treble and bass frequencies. G&L’s low-friction 'Dual-Fulcrum' vibrato also features, with its smooth action giving you more musical results.

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Introduced in 1982, the S-500 was Leo Fender’s evolution of the iconic single-coil-loaded, double-cutaway guitar. Decades later, the G&L USA S-500 instruments have been modernised and refined even further.


Much like the S-type guitars from the early 50s, the Fullerton Deluxe S-500 guitars feature Ash bodies. Known for its light weight, this acclaimed tonewood will not only be easy on your back, but it also offers a bright yet well-balanced tone.

The USA S-500s feature Hard Rock Maple necks for that classic snap, with either Maple or Caribbean Rosewood fingerboards. So if you’re looking for a punchy and vibrant attack, or a more rounded top-end, both preferences are catered for thanks to these different options.

With G&L’s #1 neck profile, this comfortable and traditional carve is simply beautiful to play. Boasting a slight edge roll and a medium taper, this neck slightly thickens as you go up the neck, for optimal support at all areas. The 12” radius fingerboard is a more modern feature however, with its flatter curvature making string bends and lead playing nearly effortless.

Electronics & Hardware

The electronics and hardware are what really set these axes apart from similar guitars of the past. Fitted with Leo Fender-designed ‘Magnetic Field Design’ single-coils, these pickups are hotter than vintage single-coils, capable of handling thick overdrive settings. Despite their higher outputs, the MFDs still retain that articulation you’d expect from an S-type.

An original G&L innovation, the PTB system adds greater functionality and flexibility to the tone controls, allowing you to shape the bass and treble with more precision. Also featuring a discrete mini-toggle, this simple switch expands the tonal palette of the S-500s. Allowing you to simultaneously select the bridge and neck pickups for a T-style sound, you can also select all three pickups for an extremely full tone.

Another innovation on this guitar is the ‘Dual-Fulcrum’ vibrato bridge, which lets you easily raise or lower the pitch. Also offering greater tuning stability compared to its vintage counterparts, this is thanks to its low-friction design and, of course, the smooth bone nut.

The Tribute versions of the US-made S-500s still pack a punch, despite their more affordable prices. Featuring many of Leo Fender’s swansong innovations, you can get a high-end feel and impression from what are very attainable instruments.


Unlike its Fullerton-crafted counterparts, the Tribute S-500s feature Mahogany bodies instead of Ash. With a more substantial weight, that extra density translates to extra sustain and broader lows, giving you a fuller sound.

G&L has established its favoured fingerboard materials as you may have noticed, and the Tribute S-500 guitars come with either Maple or Caribbean Rosewood, adorned to a Hard Rock Maple bolt-on neck. So whatever your particular preferences are, G&L has you covered!

Electronics & Hardware

G&L hasn’t resorted to cheaper parts when it comes to the Tribute S-500s electronics and hardware appointments. These instruments boast the same Fullerton-made MFD single-coils found in the USA models, delivering that iconic S-style sound but with some extra output and grit. Also worthy of note is the PTB System, which gives you two separate tone controls that cut treble and bass frequencies.

The ergonomic ‘Dual Fulcrum’ tremolo also makes an appearance on these guitars, with its ultra-smooth action letting you add gentle warbles and flutters to chords or lead lines. Its low-friction design will help to keep your tuning in check, so that you can really go to town without drastically knocking the guitar out of tune.

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Brought back to life in the 21st Century, the Skyhawk is an old-school G&L design that is now regarded as one of the brand's most versatile models.


The G&L Skyhawk is available in two variants. The CLF Research Skyhawk is the more traditional model, with its trio of MFD single-coil pickups able to provide a broad palette of tones. Featuring either an Okoume or Swamp Ash body depending on its fingerboard material, the CLF Research Skyhawk sounds wonderfully rich and balanced.

The Fullerton Deluxe Skyhawk HH is a slightly different beast. With dual humbuckers, this model has a more powerful sound that can fair much better with overdrive tones. These instruments feature Maple necks for that classic bolt-on snap.

Electronics & Hardware

Both Skyhawk guitars feature clever circuitry to expand their tonal capabilities; installed with G&L's acclaimed 'PTB Tone System'. Unlike conventional tone controls, with this system you essentially have independent treble and bass EQ controls, so that you can roll off excessive highs and lows respectively. The CLF Research model has a mini-switch that allows you to use the bridge and neck pickups together, while the Fullerton Deluxe Skyhawk HH has coil-tap functionality for attaining single-coil sounds.

Regarding hardware, Skyhawks are installed with G&L's distinctive 'Dual-Fulcrum' tremolo. With its low friction design, the Dual-Fulcrum vibrato has a far smoother action when in use, and lets you slightly raise the guitar's pitch too.

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The Comanche is yet another G&L model that has been heavily inspired by the iconic S-style. However, the Comanche is perhaps the biggest departure from this design, especially when you compare it to the Legacy and S-500 guitars.

As Leo Fender’s final iteration on the S-type, the Comanches encompass a number of the legendary man’s innovations, with ergonomics at the forefront of their design. The most notable aesthetic feature of the Comanche is its distinctive pickups, but we’ll get to the later…


Like the S-500s, the G&L USA Comanche guitars are comprised of an Ash body with a bolt-on Hard Rock Maple neck. The light weight of Ash makes these guitars very easy to play long sets with, not causing fatigue or discomfort. Apart from its physical benefits, Ash also delivers a balanced tone with rich harmonics in the mid-range, serving as the perfect tonal foundation for the versatile Z-coil pickups. The Tribute model features a Mahogany body instead, delivering a warmer and more rounded sound with deeper lows.

The Comanche’s necks also feature Maple fingerboards, adding even more top-end clarity and articulation. Fitted with medium jumbo frets, you can easily perform string bends and add vibrato without hindrance, with the 9 ½ “ neck radius striking the perfect balance between vintage and modern. The Tribute versions come with Brazilian Cherry fingerboards as an alternative, but is almost equally as bright in terms of tone.

Electronics & Hardware

The party pieces of the Comanche guitars are their unusual-looking pickups; boasting a trio of Magnetic Field Design Z-Coils. Because of their Z-shape, these pickups emphasise the bass frequencies of your lower strings and the treble of your higher strings, resulting in a punchier, yet well-balanced and modern sound. Not only are they thoughtfully-designed, but they’re also hum-cancelling too!

The unique G&L PTB system gives you great tonal flexibility, letting you tailor the highs and lows. You’ll also notice a well-positioned mini-toggle amongst the controls, expanding the Comanche’s capabilities. Giving you the ability to use the bridge and neck pickups in conjunction with one another, you can also select all three pickups simultaneously for the fullest possible tone.

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An ultimate homage to Leo Fender. The Espada is the last ever guitar he designed, and it’s a real looker. Surviving only in sketches, the G&L team have brought this beauty to life in stunning fashion.


It borrows its looks from a number of G&L bodyshapes - the Skyhawk, ASAT, Fullerton Standard and Doheny – and serves up a whole new aesthetic you will have never seen before.

There’s plenty of upper fret access and an ergonomic cutaway at the back of the body. The neck is similar to the ones found on the Fullerton Deluxe models, sitting somewhere in between a round ‘C’ and modern slim profile.

Electronics & Hardware

The Espada is packed with features too. In fact, it could be up there as one of the most versatile guitars ever made. Utilising an onboard preamp with bass and treble dials, it also contains a buffer switch to even the output or boost the treble.

Its 'piece de resistance' is the series/parallel selector switch, which you can think of as a reverse take on a coil-split. Parallel routes the frequencies through both pickup poles simultaneously, and gives you a snappy single coil sound. In series, the frequencies are sent from one coil to the next, utilising the unique pickup layout. This produces a humbucker-esque, hum-cancelling, fat tone.

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Apart from their staple S-style and T-shape models, G&L also took influence from Leo Fender’s early offset concepts. The Doheny guitars fully embrace those instruments, with their asymmetrical body designs and dual P90-esque pickups. The USA Fullerton Deluxe HH models feature powerful humbuckers instead.


Like some of their counterparts in the Tribute series, the G&L Dohenys feature light Basswood bodies. Although some consider this to be a cheaper tonewood, there are in fact many high-end guitars that are constructed from Basswood too, because of its forgiving weight and its balanced tonal qualities. The USA Fullerton Deluxe models have Okoume, Swamp Ash or Alder bodies instead (dependent on colour/specs).

The bodies are paired with bolt-on Hard Rock Maple necks, offering that unmistakable snap and upper mid-range bite. Available with either Maple or Brazilian Cherry fingerboards (Tribute series), or Maple or Caribbean Rosewood (USA Fullerton Deluxe), you can choose to go for an instrument with a brighter vibe, or to settle for one with slightly tamer, rounded-off highs.

Electronics & Hardware

G&L’s MDF single-coils are just one of the many innovations conceived by the company, installed in the majority of their guitars. The Tribute Doheny is no exception, however it features the ‘wide-bobbin’ versions, with a look and a tone that is more akin to that of a P90. This results in a punchier mid-range and warmer lows, without losing any of the crystal-clear top-end you’d expect from single-coils.

Featuring another G&L-designed appointment, the Dohenys are fitted with smooth ‘Dual Fulcrum’ vibratos. Instead of using the vintage-style ‘6-screw’ mounting design, as its name suggests, the ‘Dual Fulcrum’ is installed via two mounting-posts. This low-friction concept therefore gives you a gentler feel, while also offering more reassuring feedback through the tremolo arm for greater pitch control.

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G&L’s Fallout guitars are pure rock machines. Boasting an original body design, these potent-sounding models feature powerful pickups for modern tones. If you’re a contemporary player looking for a unique-looking instrument that can handle high-gain, this is a contender that you should definitely consider!


Formed from Mahogany, the Fallout bodies provide deep and harmonically-rich tones that get the absolute best out of the punchy-sounding pickups. Although this tonewood is fairly heavy, its higher density increases sustain and resonance.

Maintaining the long-established bolt-on design, the Fallouts are fitted with Hard Rock Maple necks to add some crucial top-end definition and snap. Adorned with either Maple or Brazilian Cherry fingerboards, G&L caters for different preferences.

Electronics & Hardware

Using a Paul Cagon-designed humbucker in the bridge, this hot Alnico pickup dishes the dirt when used in conjunction with overdrive or distortion, making G&L’s Fallout guitars perfect for heavier styles. The P90 in the neck position is a thoughtful addition, giving you a warm and creamy tone that stays focused and detailed, thanks to its strong mid-range voice.

G&L has innovated many concepts, and their ‘Saddle-Lock’ bridge featured on the Fallout is a very significant one. This ergonomically-engineered design boasts a clever mechanism that prevents the string saddles from moving loosely, ensuring a consistent distance between the strings while also enhancing the string vibrations through the body, for more sustain.

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Jerry Cantrell is arguably one of the most influential guitarists and songwriters of the last 30 years. Pioneering the Seattle grunge sound back in the early ‘90s, Cantrell continues to tour the world with Alice in Chains, and has relied on his trusted G&L Rampage models since the very beginning.

The Superhawk instruments present a more modern take on this legendary design, maintaining the Rampage formula and adding an extra neck humbucker for greater versatility.


With a “superstrat” vibe, the G&L Jerry Cantrell Signature Rampage models feature Soft Maple bodies; a relatively unusual tonewood choice. Emitting a bright sound, this allows the Rampage guitars to really cut through in live or studio mixes. Paired with Hard Rock Maple necks, that unmistakable snap is accentuated further, adorned with sleek Ebony fretboards to add some darkness and warmth.

The Superhawk Deluxe Jerry Cantrell Signature guitars are formed from the same materials, but feature gorgeous Flamed Maple veneers too. Not only conveying a classier look, this extra layer of Maple sweetens their top-end tones even more so.

Electronics & Hardware

The Rampages are fitted with single Custom-Wound Jerry Cantrell Alnico V humbuckers, a pickup that is exclusive to only these models. With an extremely hot and chunky tone, this thick-sounding humbucker counteracts the excessive brightness offered by the Maple woods, sounding remarkable with the high-gain tones that Jerry is known for using.

You’ll also notice that the Rampage models are installed with Kahler USA Hybrid tremolo systems, letting you imitate the distinctive divebombs and flutters heard in tracks like “Grind” and “Rain When I Die”. Fitted in conjunction with a Floyd Rose-style nut, this preference of Jerrys has been loyally adhered to; believing that it is a more reliable and effective locking nut than Kahler’s equivalent design.

G&L’s Superhawk instruments are slightly more traditional, featuring a tamer set of Paul Gagon-designed humbuckers. With slightly less output, having a pair of humbuckers as opposed to one gives you extended tonal flexibility, making the Superhawk far more versatile. Also featuring G&L’s ‘Saddle-Lock’ bridge, this instrument has excellent sustain and comfort.

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In the pantheon of Leo Fender-designed basses, the L-1000 is perhaps the most underrated. Nearly 40 years after the original came out, G&L are keeping this design alive with their CLF Research models – named after Leo’s own research company.


Some basses can be really cumbersome, taking their toll on your shoulders and back if you play standing. To save your body from any stresses, the CLF Research L-1000 models are available with either lightweight Basswood (Pharaoh Gold), Swamp Ash (Natural) or Okoume (Tobacco Sunburst) bodies.

These badass basses feature “Slim C” neck profiles, giving a comfortable feel that doesn’t hinder your playing. Boasting a fingerboard radius of 9 ½”, a common trait amongst Leo Fender-designed instruments, this happy medium between modern and vintage means that all bassists are catered for.

Electronics & Hardware

Right in the centre of their bodies is a G&L Magnetic Field Design (MFD) humbucker. MFD is one of Leo’s prime innovations, and is essentially a ceramic bar magnetic with individually adjustable soft iron pole pieces. In practical terms, this results in higher output per wind, giving this pickup a full and powerful sound.

This bass might only have one pickup, but the addition of a 3-way mini-toggle gives the L-1000 impressive tonal versatility. The toggle allows you to select between parallel, split and OMG (a type of treble cut) modes for a variety of sounds from one pickup.

The bridge is a rock-solid G&L Saddle Lock, and features chrome-plated brass saddles for enhanced sustain and resonance. This bridge definitely adds to the L-1000’s tone!

G&L’s L-2000 basses have been adored for years, and are among the company’s most unique and original designs. At the peak of their popularity in the ‘90s, with alternative rock/metal players such as Chris Joannou (Silverchair) and Henry Bogdan (Helmet) using their powerful tones to drive their band’s riffs, these basses are still employed by many pro-level players today.


Similarly to their L-1000 counterparts, the CLF Research L-2000 basses are available with either Basswood, Swamp Ash or Okoume bodies; depending on which colour option you go for. All fairly light, these ergonomic basses can serve as great live workhorses, with their comfortable “Slim C” necks striking the perfect balance between modern and traditional.

Made of Hard Rock Maple, these necks have a super-solid feel and their bolt-on design gives notes a punchy snap, penetrating a mix with ease.

Electronics & Hardware

The CLF Research L-2000 basses feature dual doses of Magnetic Field Design (MFD) humbuckers. With a strong output and ultra-clear mids, these pickups let your playing articulation really shine through, both finger-style or with a pick.

The versatility of this bass is furthered by the switching options available to you. Featuring three mini toggles, you have a 3-position pickup selector switch, series/parallel switch and a 3 position pre-amp mode switch. These switches, along with the typical volume, treble, and bass knobs provide so many options for changing up your sound - with just one bass!

The ‘Saddle Lock’ bridge from G&L is hard to beat when it comes to reliability. That’s why the CLF Research L-2000 basses come fitted with them as standard, giving you even spacing between the strings and picking up their vibrations more strongly, increasing sustain and resonance.

G&L CLF Research Basses on Andertons TV:

More affordable alternatives to their American-made cousins, the Tribute series L-2000 and L-2500 basses still punch far above their weights when it comes to build quality and tones.


The L-2000 models are available with either Swamp Ash or Basswood bodies, determined by their translucent or solid finish options respectively. With both materials offering a light feel, these instruments are comfortable for live performances, with their balanced tonal qualities fitting for the punchy humbucker pickups.

The L-2500 basses are available with only Swamp Ash bodies, with its slightly deeper sound giving their low 5th strings all of the clarity and definition they need.

With all L Series models featuring Hard Rock Maple necks, the G&L L-2000 basses are available with either Maple or Rosewood fingerboards, which again, is dependent on colour. If you’re keen to attain a brighter sound, then the Maple fingerboard will suit your demands, whereas Rosewood will naturally round off the highs and give a warmer character. Instead of Rosewood, the L-2500 bass necks are adorned with Brazilian Cherry.

Electronics & Hardware

G&L L-2000 and L-2500 basses are fitted with Leo Fender-designed MFD humbuckers. Giving these models their signature sounds, the bridge pickups offer a snarling bite for that top-end clarity, whereas the neck position humbuckers provide a throaty low-end with plenty of mid-range potency. Use them together for rich, full-bodied sounds.

An innovative G&L design, alongside the volume, treble and bass controls found on the L Series basses, you’ll also come across an assortment of switches. Increasing the versatility of these instruments even more, the first switches are 3-way toggles for the pickups, letting you isolate the bridge or neck humbuckers or use them both in unison. Next, you have series/parallel switches for extra tone-shaping, as well as 3-position preamp mode switches.

Another G&L concept, the L-2000 and L-2500 bass guitars also feature ‘Saddle-Lock’ bridges. Keeping a consistent distance between their strings, these bridges are also designed to enhance the transference of string vibrations through their bodies, for added sustain and resonance.

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From their names, you can probably assume which famous design these particular models are based off. However, with G&L’s own twist, these basses have that modern touch that gives them an edge over similar instruments. The JB models have a more traditional look and feel, whereas the JB-2 keeps the essentials in place but boasts a more contemporary body shape.


Both the Tribute JB and JB-2 models come with either Basswood or Swamp Ash bodies. Just like their L Series counterparts, G&L has used the same tonewoods because of their light weights and broad frequency responses, projecting full sounds. The USA Fullerton Standard models have Alder bodies instead, for that original JB-style tone.

With Hard Rock Maple necks, G&L’s staple tonewood choice, the JB and JB-2 basses are available with Maple or Brazilian Cherry fingerboards (Tribute series), or Maple or Caribbean Rosewood (USA Fullerton Standard models). With Maple delivering a near-immediate snap, the Brazilian Cherry and Caribbean Rosewood options will produce a warmer mid-range.

With Medium C neck profiles, these instruments strike the perfect balance between old and new when it comes to playability. Having said that, the flatter 12” fingerboard radius’ on the JB-2 basses will appeal more strongly to modern bassists.

Electronics & Hardware

With both JB models coming fitted with dual Paul Cagon-designed Alnico single-coils, these basses project that legendary early ‘60’s J-Bass sound. Providing plenty of punch even when playing finger-style, you’ll have no trouble powering through a mix.

Like the majority of basses in G&L’s range, the JB instruments are also fitted with the company’s comfy ‘Saddle-Lock’ bridge. Keeping the strings at an equal distance, this high-mass design also enhances sustain, by picking up the string vibrations more efficiently.

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If you’re looking for the most versatile bass offered by G&L, the SB-2 models are hard to beat. Featuring a P/J pickup configuration, the SB-2’s wide palette of tones makes its appropriate for many styles.


Unlike the L Series or JB basses, the G&L SB-2 instruments offer a richer sound with deeper lows, thanks to their Mahogany bodies. This tonewood choice also delivers a warmer mid-range, pumping out throaty tones that are far more forgiving when playing with a pick.

Staying in line with the aforementioned G&L bass models, the SB-2s are also available with either Maple or Brazilian Cherry fingerboards. Providing vibrant highs or mellower mids respectively, the choice is yours! Modern players may also feel more at home with the 12” fingerboard radius’ on the SB-2s, with a flatter profile that allows you to set your action lower and more evenly.

Electronics & Hardware

A J-Style and P-Bass hybrid of sorts, the SB-2’s all-encompassing pickup configuration will cover almost any style. The punchy-sounding MFD split-coil in the neck position has plenty of mid-range bounce, while the bridge single-coil has raspy upper mids and lots of clarity. With volume controls for each, you can blend their outputs for the perfect balance.

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The LB-100 is G&L’s take on the legendary P-Bass; the electric bass that started it all. Designed by Leo Fender, the LB-100 came to fruition in the early ’90s to give bassists a subtly-evolved version of the original formula.


With a slightly chunkier body, the LB-100 basses have a more balanced feel, making them great for performing with. Speaking of their bodies, the LB-100 Tribute models are formed from Swamp Ash, a light tonewood that has resonant tonal properties for unparalleled clarity in the mids and highs. The USA Fullerton Standard models have Alder bodies instead, ensuring super-balanced tones.

Electronics & Hardware

With just sole P-style split-coil pickups, that familiar rounded mid-range oozes out of these basses, sounding tight and responsive with a pick or finger-style. Master tone and volume knobs give you sufficient control over your tones, but it’s fair to say that the LB-100s are suited to bassists who just want to plug in and play!

The G&L ‘Saddle-Lock’ bridge will keep string distance in check, ensuring that all strings are separated by the same distance for ultimate playability. Apart from its physical benefits, this bridge also enhances sustain and note definition.

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Featuring the same skinny body shape as the SB-2, G&L’s Kiloton basses are unbridled rock machines. With single bridge humbuckers, these basses produce a super-punchy sound that can effortlessly penetrate in a live or studio mix.


Available with Swamp Ash (Irish Ale) or Basswood (Olympic White) bodies, the Kiloton basses are light and ergonomic. Described as the most comfortable body shape created by Leo Fender, the Kiloton models boast smooth curves and contours, so that you feel no hindrances when you’re playing live or sitting down practicing.

Their bolt-on Hard Rock Maple necks are solid and robust, dishing out a bright top-end with lots of attack and bite. Embellished with either Maple or Brazilian Cherry fingerboards (also dependent on finish), whether a vibrant treble is for you or a more rounded mid-range - both sounds are attainable.

Electronics & Hardware

The Kiloton bass’ sole G&L-designed Magnetic Field Design humbuckers deliver a huge, engulfing tone. With a relentlessly punchy character, this pickup fires out plenty of output without the aid of a preamp.

Simple master tone and volume knobs offer you decent control of your core sound, however the discrete 3-way pickup switch gives you a more diverse array of tonal options. Putting the pickup circuitry into series, split or parallel, you can produce an enviable selection of tones out of just a single humbucker!

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