Best Electric Guitars Under £500!

If you’re in the market for a new electric guitar but don’t want to spend more than £500 then you might be paralyzed by the amount of choice out there!

We’ve gone and done the hard work for you by choosing our 5 favourite electric guitars for under £500!

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Jed Van Wyngaardt


The world of electric guitars is a vast ocean of information and choice and in the modern era, it’s easy to find a fantastic instrument for a fantastic price – one that you know you can use night after night when playing live. Or a guitar that you can rely on in the studio!

If you want to know which guitars we personally recommend here at Andertons, then read on to see a handful of our favourites and why they might suit you. As mentioned before, the options are endless but with a bit of careful reading and research, you’re sure to find the next guitar for your arsenal.

1. PRS SE Standard 24 in Tobacco Sunburst

The PRS SE Standards are very popular models in the ‘Student Edition’ because of the fact that they’re very versatile, built incredibly well and are a back-to-basics style guitar. What you see is what you get – a comfortable neck, with a streamlined body that sits nicely against the body. The humbucker pickups give you powerful tones and the 24 frets give you access to 2 full octaves. The PRS Custom 24 is their flagship model and they’ve made these signature tones available at a highly affordable price.

Best for:  Style of music that require a little bit of power without being overbearing. The neck is slim and easy to play for faster styles and the powerful pickups sound great when playing rock, blues, metal and pop alike.

2. Chapman Ghost Fret Standard in Gloss Lunar

The Ghost Fret is made for metallers and rockers that want a guitar with a bit attitude. They’ve taken a familiar body shape and turned it into something new. It’s got powerful humbucker pickups that’ll cut through the mix or hold up any chugging. The neck is smooth and fast to play for shred solos and the note clarity is exceptional!

Best for: Metal, Djent and Rock styles. The Ghost Fret is made for riffing, rocking and shredding until your hearts content. It’s also built like a tank and will serve you every night on stage, or during the day in studio.

3. Sterling by Music Man Sub AL40 Albert Lee Signature

The Albert Lee signature model is a favourite of ours for a number of reasons. Not only is the offset body shape insanely cool, but it’s also incredibly versatile and will cover a number of styles from country to pop to rock. The neck is slim and comfy to play and the classic tremolo gives you access to control the vibrato on chords and single notes. With a simple user interface, this guitar is a real winner for the money!

Best for: Just about anything bar heavy metal perhaps! It’s got a 5-way toggle so that you can access humbucker and single coil tones and everything in between and the unique body shape will catch attention wherever you play.

4. G&L Tribute S-500

Leo Fender said in the early days of G&L that they were the best guitars he'd ever made. A huge statement to make but true nonetheless. The S-500 is a classic shape beefed up with some of the most innovative guitar features of the past few decades. The S-500 has three single coil Magnetic Field Design pickups that kill all unwanted humming and buzz. It's also equipped with a Dual-Fulcrum vibrato to keep tuning stability even stronger. 

Best for: Blues, Pop, Indie and pretty much any other style you can conjure. The playability you know and love with premium, forward thinking appointments Leo always wanted to add but never could previously.

5. Squier Contemporary Active Jazzmaster HH ST in Surf Pearl

The Squier Contemporary range of guitars has given the lineup a new voice – much more power for rock and metal. This combined with a stylish finish and awesome body shape mean you’ll stand out wherever you end up playing the guitar. It’s got active pickups which provide plenty of juice when running into a distortion pedal or distorted amp. The stop tail bridge will also provide great tuning stability and means the guitar will handle drop tuning a bit better.

Best for: Standing out in a crowd and for playing styles of music that require more power, especially rock and metal. Also, one of the best guitars on the list for drop-tuning or for using heavier strings thanks to the 25.5” scale length and stop tail bridge.

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