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Elliot Stent

Shopping for a first guitar can be daunting — whether that be for yourself, for a family member or for a friend. This is especially true if you’re unfamiliar with how a guitar works, as it means that you might be unsure about which features to look out for. Luckily for you, we’ve put together this helpful guide that highlights a company which, we believe, creates the best beginner guitars on the market — EastCoast!

Why We Recommend EastCoast Guitars

  • Incredible Value— Guitar models start from just £79!
  • Based on Iconic Instruments — Combining timeless style with legendary tone.
  • Great Build Quality — Made in Eastern Asia to modern, consistent standards using locally-sourced materials and reliable electronics.
  • Designed by Musicians — Built to feel and sound great; even experienced guitarists love them!
  • Backed by the Best — World-renowned YouTube guitar instructor JustinGuitar has described EastCoast beginner guitars as “by far the best bang for buck I've tried”.
  • Beginner Starter Packs — EastCoast bundles include all of the essentials you need to start your musical journey with, from just £109!
  • Carefully Inspected — Our guitar techs QC all EastCoast instruments to ensure that they play as good as they look straight out of the box, free-of-charge!

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Why Are EastCoast Guitars Good For Beginners?

There are lots of big musical instrument brands that make decent starter guitars. However, there aren’t many companies that actually specialise in manufacturing beginner instruments only. EastCoast is one of those few. They design their guitars in a cost-effective way without sacrificing quality; ensuring that customers get the most for their money!

EastCoast starter instruments come in all shapes and sizes. Loosely based on some of the world's most recognisable guitar designs, EastCoast’s models have a familiar look and punch far above their weight — carrying the spirit of the instruments that they're inspired by but at just a fraction of the price.

From timeless T-type and S-style electric guitars all the way up to classy semi-hollows, amazing acoustics and bombastic basses — EastCoast caters for practically all aspiring musicians. Their instruments are versatile, easy to play, and stay in tune great. This means that beginners can have a rock-solid guitar that'll last for several years before they even think about upgrading!

Justin Guitar

Here's what famous YouTube instructor 'JustinGuitar' thinks about EastCoast:

"Having played a lot of budget instruments, I can confidently say that EastCoast guitars are by far the best bang for buck I've tried. They all had a 'low action' (the strings are easy to press down) which is perfect for beginners, meaning less finger pain and a lot more fun!"

Guitar Buying Advice with JustinGuitar!

A brilliant all-rounder, inspired by the legendary S-type guitar. Great for most musical styles, especially the humbucker-equipped GS100H model.

EastCoast’s best-selling GS100 model covers all of the bases. Featuring a trio of vibrant-sounding ‘single-coil’ pickups, the GS-100’s flexible electronics let you experiment with lots of different guitar sounds. Also coming with a ‘tremolo’ bridge, this cool component allows you to create dramatic effects by lowering the pitch of the strings!

The EastCoast GS100’s body is made from a lightweight wood called Poplar, which makes the instrument very comfortable to handle when practicing or performing. This is paired with a smooth-playing Maple neck that’s bolted directly to the body using 4 screws. A traditional ‘bolt-on’ design is known for yielding a “snappy” guitar sound, which means that you'll be heard nice and clear when you're ready to play with a band!

If you love the look and feel of the GS100 guitar but want a slightly thicker sound, the GS100H is the answer. This slightly tweaked model looks almost identical, but comes equipped with a ‘humbucking’ pickup mounted near to its bridge. A humbucker produces a more powerful tone than a single-coil pickup, and lends itself well to distorted rock sounds as it “bucks” hum — meaning that you won’t experience lots of unwanted amp noise. If you prefer heavier genres of music, the GS100H is therefore the better option.

EastCoast GS100H Guitar Demo

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Based on the timeless T-style electric guitar. Produces a bright “twangy” tone, making it perfect for country, indie, pop and classic rock.

The EastCoast GT100 is another popular EastCoast electric guitar. It comes equipped with two single-coil pickups, giving the instrument an articulate and “spanky” sound perfectly-suited for guitar-driven styles of music. The GT100 also features a traditional “ashtray” bridge, which provides a comfortable and reassuring feel under the picking hand.

A Poplar body keeps the instrument's weight balanced and light, which means that the GT100 won’t ever feel cumbersome or uncomfortable when playing in a standing position. Its neck also has a pleasant shape and is finished with a slippery satin coating that prevents your fretting hand from sticking to it — letting you play fast!

EastCoast GT100 Guitar Demo

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Alternative take on the iconic "singlecut" LP guitar. Possesses a powerful sound with its humbucking pickups — suitable for blues, rock and even metal!

The EastCoast GL Series model is based on the legendary LP electric guitar, used by the likes of Slash (Gun N’ Roses), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) and countless other guitar heroes! Featuring two high-output humbuckers, this instrument sounds fantastic with overdrive or distortion — making it the perfect rock and roll workhorse.

EastCoast’s GL Series comprises three models, starting with the GL20. Built around a lightweight Poplar body, this material keeps the weight of the GL20 down so that beginners can easily pick it up and play whenever inspiration strikes! A bolt-on Maple neck sweetens the tone of the guitar and features a smooth satin finish that feels simply great to play.

If you're after something with a bit more bling, the EastCoast GL120 and GL130 models are where it’s at! Featuring flamed/quilted Maple veneers on top of their bodies, these guitars exert an alluring high-end look. Their bodies are made from Okoume instead of Poplar too, which is a wood that’s tonally similar to Mahogany. This brings these models closer to the classic LP formula, and means that they offer a slightly richer sound. Their necks are also joined to their bodies with glue instead of bolts, which enhances sustain!

EastCoast GL20 Guitar Demo

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A stunning semi-hollow electric guitar with a warm and airy tone. Features two thick-sounding humbuckers — ideal for jazz and blues styles.

EastCoast’s lineup mostly consists of solid-body, rock-orientated guitars. However, they also produce the GJ20 — a traditional, semi-hollow electric guitar that’s perfect for mellower genres. If you're unfamiliar with what a semi-hollow guitar is, it’s basically an acoustic/electric hybrid — featuring the electronics you'd find on most electric guitars but with a hollow acoustic-like body design. This not only makes them very lightweight, but also gives them a beautiful open sound.

The GJ20 closely resembles a legendary Gibson guitar renowned for its versatility. Sporting two mildly-voiced humbuckers and a Maple body construction, these elements work together to produce an even and balanced tone. The GJ20’s body is paired with a glued-in Okoume neck that adds warmth and sustain to the sound of the instrument.

EastCoast GJ20 Guitar Demo

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Affordable acoustics based on industry-standard shapes — from dreadnought to mini! Suitable for players at any stage of musical development.

EastCoast prides itself on its diverse range of acoustic guitars. With many models available under the £100 mark, these superbly-made instruments are perfect for beginners after an affordable option guaranteed to hold up through the introductory phase of guitar playing.

The EastCoast D1 acoustic guitar is a stellar example, following a traditional dreadnought body shape that makes it a great all-rounder with fantastic projection. The G1 model is similar but has a slightly more compact body design, meaning that it's more ideal for smaller players who want something easier to get started on. EastCoast’s mini-sized acoustic guitars are best-sellers for a reason. They're not only great-value, but they're also super-portable — making them ideal travel acoustics for the road.

Selected EastCoast acoustic guitars come equipped with built-in electronics, allowing you to plug them into dedicated acoustic amplifiers or PA systems. This eliminates the need to mic these acoustics in a live scenario, so that you can just plug-in and play — hassle-free!

EastCoast Acoustics with JustinGuitar

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EastCoast starter packs include all of the essentials you need to start rocking from the get-go!

Our EastCoast guitar bundles are designed to save you both time and money. Encompassing your favourite electric, acoustic or bass guitar of choice; these starter packs also come with a range of accessories that make it easy to maintain your new instrument and, ultimately, get the most out of it!

Key accessories include a tuner, strap, cable, picks, spare strings, and even an EastCoast-branded amplifier (selected bundles only). These starter packs are perfect for musicians who want to get set up quickly and practice without limitations — from day one!

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