Where to buy your first guitar

If you are buying your first guitar, you'll want to know that you can trust where it's coming from.

That means somewhere that gives expert advice about instrument care, and can sell you a high quality instrument that'll fit its purpose!


The time has come; you've decided to buy a guitar, either for yourself or for a friend or member of the family. The next step is to decide exactly where to buy a guitar from. There are lots of places that you can buy a guitar, including the multitude of websites and bricks and mortar music shops in the UK.

So where do you start? With so many retailers to choose from, and numerous brands to consider, it's a daunting prospect. But a little bit of research can go a long way - let's take a look at what you'll need to consider!

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The main thing to bear in mind when choosing where to buy a guitar from is that a guitar isn’t the sort of thing you buy and never need any help with ever again. So the best place to buy a guitar from is a shop with a proven track record of great customer service. That doesn’t have to mean that online is out of the question - far from it! Customer service online can mean things like speedy delivery, careful packing and great communication. Plus websites can offer a much wider selection than most shops ever could.

Andertons Music Co.

Here at Andertons we can offer the best of both worlds because we’ve been trading as a shop since 1964 and we’re still owned by the original founder’s grandson Lee Anderton! Like many family businesses we pride ourselves on customer service. Don’t take our word for it though, we ask every single online customer if they have any feedback via a third party system called feefo.&nbsp. Check out our feefo rating here. At the moment around 98% of customers rate their experience as good or excellent!

The Personal Touch

It’s important to know you can trust an online retailer so when you’re considering where to buy a guitar you know that if you buy from us online you’ll be treated in exactly the same way you’d be treated by someone buying in store. Often you’ll be dealing with the same people! That’s because we commit to treat all of our customers with the same level of service we’ve been offering since 1964, online or in-store! Whether you’re near or far you can always pick up the phone and speak to a highly trained sales consultant who can help you with any aspect of your order.

Don’t take a risk buying a guitar from an online retailer or shop that you don’t trust!

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