Andertons At Summer NAMM 2019

The world-famous NAMM Show returns for Summer 2019, promising to bring the heat with a raft of new releases from your favourite brands.


Expect forward-thinking innovations and exciting new product lines aplenty - so keep your eyes peeled!


The Summer NAMM Show: 18th - 20th July 2019


Hottest Summer NAMM 2019 Products

Hot Off The Press - Summer NAMM 2019

Here at Andertons Music Co. we strive to bring you the latest news from the Summer NAMM Show 2019. Whether it's guitars, keys, drums, tech or something that completely breaks the mould - we've got it covered. Watch this page for all the latest releases from the top brands!

Kemper at Summer NAMM

The Kemper Profiler is one of the most powerful amplification tools on the market. Now, after huge speculation, Kemper has unveiled the Profiler Stage: a fully-fledged Profiler in pedalboard form!


With a typically comprehensive but concise user interface, it comes loaded with the same powerful features as its amp and rack-sized peers. This includes in-depth connectivity, full looper control, powerful FX and amp modelling parameters and much more. This is the perfect combination of Kemper Profiler and Remote - a true workhorse for the gigging guitarist!

Fender at Summer NAMM

Some say that Summer NAMM isn't as exciting as the Winter show, but for Fender in 2019 - they've used it as an opportunity to launch tonnes of new gear! The biggest talking point is their new Tone Master amps, with Fender taking a giant leap into the world of amp modelling. Although they might look like traditional Deluxe and Twin Reverb amplifiers, the Tone Masters are actually completely valve-less and rely on their massive digital processing power to emulate the tone and response of their tube-powered counterparts.


Fender has also added plenty of new stompboxes to its popular pedal range, including the Compugilist Compessor/Distortion, LA Tube Distortion, Pour Over Envelope Filter, Trapper Dual Fuzz and Reflecting Pool Delay/Reverb; the latter of which rivals the powerful pedal processors of Strymon, Boss and Eventide.


The Acoustasonic Telecasters were among the hottest releases from Winter NAMM 2019, and Fender has unveiled three Exotic Wood editions of its versatile acoustic/electric hybrid guitar. Absolutely stunning to look at and play, the Ziricote, Cocobolo and Koa models really are something to behold.


Fender's affordable Mexican-made Player Series guitars have become best-sellers worldwide. And for Summer NAMM 2019, they've introduced two contemporary new colours - Capri Orange and Silver. Adorned to most of their core shapes - these colours give musicians even more choice!

Squier at Summer NAMM

Squier may manufacture Fender's entry-level guitars, but they produce some really exciting and unique instruments that are all excellent value-for-money. For Summer NAMM 2019 - they really haven't held back either!


Introducing a plethora of new Classic Vibe '50s, '60s and '70s models, these affordable guitars and basses somewhat mirror Fender's new Vintera Series by recapturing the essence of coveted vintage guitars. The Contemporary series has also been bolstered with new additions, including bold-looking Starcaster semi-hollow models equipped with active pickups. Take a gander at the whole Squier Summer NAMM range!

Line 6 at Summer NAMM

Line 6's best-selling Spider V amp line has received an upgrade, with brand new MkII versions unveiled at Summer NAMM! With a thoughtfully-added 'Classic Speaker Mode' providing a more organic sound and feel, these amps have also been given new 'Artist', 'Iconic Song' and 'Classic' amp presets to enhance their versatility.


The Powercab 212 Plus is another fresh product, designed specifically for amp modelling units like the popular Helix. Able to work as an FRFR speaker system, the Powercab 212 Plus also comes equipped with 12 onboard speaker models that can be used instead of your modeller's onboard cab sims - freeing up valuable DSP!

Jackson at Summer NAMM

Metal guitar titans Jackson turned up with a great selection of new instruments at Summer NAMM 2019 - sure to whet the appetites of aspiring shredders!


Highlights include new signature models for Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden), David Ellefson (Megadeth) and Misha Mansoor (Periphery), as well as a bunch of entry-level JS models built for beginners that seek great performance and cutting-edge aesthetics. Click here to view the entire lineup!

MXR at Summer NAMM

MXR always deliver the goods at NAMM, and for this year's Summer show they have launched four stunning mini pedals to join their popular 'Authentic Hendrix' lineup.


Emulating the most iconic stompbox effects used by the legendary axeman, these miniscule pedals will save valuable real-estate on your pedalboard. All four models are emblazoned with super-trippy artwork from award-winning UK-based design crue 'ILOVEDUST' - so they'll definitely stand out amongst your pedal collection!

Gretsch at Summer NAMM

Gretsch guitars just ooze class, and for this year's Summer NAMM they've expanded their Electromatic range with brand new G5622T Centre Block Double-Cut guitars and stylish G5232T Double Jet solid-body models.


Available in some incredible retro finishes, all of these models come installed with genuine Bigsby tremolos and distinctive Filter'Tron/Broad'Tron pickups for those unmistakable Gretsch tones. Another noteworthy release is the G5021E Limited Edition Rancher Penguin Parlor acoustic guitar, featuring a dark Sapphire finish and gold hardware.

G&L at Summer NAMM

Teased at the Winter NAMM Show earlier in the year, G&L has finally made the long-awaited Espada available for purchase - with timeless Sunburst and Natural finishes.


An ultimate homage to Leo Fender, the Espada is the last ever guitar he designed - and it’s a real looker. Surviving only in sketches, the G&L team have brought this beauty to life in stunning fashion.

Charvel at Summer NAMM

Since its resurrection about a decade ago, Charvel's popularity has grown exponentially. And for Summer NAMM 2019, they've introduced plenty of new guitars to build upon its successful re-launch.


Growing their Dinky DK24 lineup with HH models, these particular instruments come equipped with high-output Seymour Duncan pickups and caramelised Maple necks for extra stability. A couple of limited edition Super Stock guitars have also been unveiled, including a nostalgic Model 2 emblazoned with a retro skull graphic.

Markbass at Summer NAMM

Italian amp brand Markbass are constantly developing new products, and for Summer NAMM 2019 they've revealed the exciting Little Mark Vintage 500W Bass Head!


With a tube-powered preamp section for rich and responsive harmonic depth, this comprehensive bass amp also features a tweakable 4-band EQ section and a built-in limiter that allows you to go between modern dynamics and old-school clipping.

Jim Dunlop at Summer NAMM

Jim Dunlop always launch plenty of new products at the Winter and Summer NAMM Shows, and this time around they've unleashed two new signature Cry Baby wah pedals!


Adorning the popular Dimebag Darrell Cry Baby From Hell with a stealthy black camo finish, Dunlop has also unveiled an artist wah for modern blues pioneer Gary Clark Jr.

EVH at Summer NAMM

Eddie Van Halen's eponymous brand released some super-cool products at Winter NAMM, and for the Summer show they've expanded their lineup with even more goodies!


The 5150 guitars are the biggest talking point, based on Eddie's main axes during the 1984 and OU812 tours. Available in a raft of incredible colour options, these super-shredders come equipped with dual humbuckers, Floyd Rose tremolos and feature the distinctive banana-style headstock design. EL34-powered 5150 III amp combos also join the catalogue, available in 1x12" and 2x12" configurations.


The most special launch of all, though, is the limited edition '79 Black and Yellow Bumblebee Tribute guitar - based on one of Eddie's most famous instruments. Faithfully recreated to the utmost detail, only 50 of these models will be made with each hand-signed by the man himself!

Greer Amps at Summer NAMM

Greer Amps won the prestigious "Best In Show" award at this year's Winter NAMM show, with its Soma 63 preamp pedal. At Summer NAMM 2019, they've followed up this well-received product with the Gorilla Warfare distortion pedal.


Featuring a coveted LM-308 chip, this powerful pedal is Greer's homage to the legendary RAT pedal; capable of delivering mild overdriven tones to searing high-gain distortion!

Martin at Summer NAMM

Martin has bolstered its "Little Martin" and 16 Series lineups with several new models, giving players far more choice when it comes to finding the perfect Martin acoustic!


Fitted with high-quality pickups from Fishman, you can expect exceptional tones from these relatively affordable guitars that are made by one of the industry's leading brands. Click here to view the lineup.

Source Audio at Summer NAMM

Source Audio has created some of the most innovative effects pedals we've ever seen, and for the Summer NAMM Show it looks like they're keen to retain that reputation with their new C4 Synth Pedal!


Essentially a modular synth in a stompbox format, the C4 looks simple on the surface but can in fact be heavily manipulated via the accompanying 'Neuro Desktop Editor' - for unlimited tweaking possibilities!

Supro at Summer NAMM

Supro produce some of the coolest retro-style guitars around. For this year's Summer NAMM, they've revealed the stylish Ozark, Tri Tone and Silverwood reissue models!

Blackstar at Summer NAMM

Blackstar has finally brought an ultra-small format amp to their line-up, for players on the go that are after a quiet practice solution.


The amPlug2 is a simple 'plug in and play' deal, making jamming as effortless as possible. No long wires or cables, power problems or big amps - just listen back through your headphones! Available for guitar and bass.

Walrus Audio at Summer NAMM

Walrus Audio has created some of the coolest stompboxes we've seen in recent years, and their new Kangra Filter Fuzz pedal really dishes some dirt!


Designed to cut straight through the mix with powerful, aggressive fuzz tones - single note lines just pop and sizzle. Dig in, and you'll notice how aggressively this pedal responds.

Gibson at Summer NAMM

Gibson acoustic guitars have always been stellar, but with their superb build quality and unparalleled sonics - there also comes premium price tags. However, Gibson's new G-45 Standard and G-45 Studio acoustic guitars are designed for serious musicians that seek US-made, hand-built instruments that won't break the bank.


With understated yet classy aesthetics, the G-45 electro-acoustics are true workhorse guitars with their trusted tonewood combinations and high-quality Fishman electronics.

Boss at Summer NAMM

Boss has proven why it's still considered the industry standard, with its new RC-10R Looper and SY-1 Guitar Synth pedals!


The RC-10R is a powerful compact looper, designed in Boss' new 200 Series pedal enclosure. With 16 built-in drum kit sounds borrowed from Roland's high-quality V-Drums electronic kits, you can create loops with accompaniment and capture your playing with up to 6 hours worth of recording time.


The SY-1 offers a bunch of expressive synth sounds, with excellent tracking ensuring that your playing sounds immediate without any noticeable lag. With brass, pad, synth lead and bell sounds to name a few - this stompbox can unlock lots of creative possibilities for experimental guitar players.

Alvarez at Summer NAMM

Alvarez is known for its massive acoustic guitar range, and at Summer NAMM 2019 they're showing off their coveted Artist Elite models - unveiled at the Winter NAMM event earlier in the year.


Boasting premium woods, these stunning instruments feature Alvarez's middle-shifted bracing - striking the perfect balance between strength and resonance. Expect powerful mid-range tones and reasonable prices!

What is Summer NAMM?

The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) hosts two large trade events every year – ‘The (Winter) NAMM Show’ and the ‘Summer NAMM Show’. Allowing manufacturers of musical instruments and pro audio to showcase their newest innovations, these huge occasions are attended by thousands of retailers, artists and industry insiders that are keen to learn about the latest and greatest gear.


While Winter NAMM is arguably the flagship event, the Summer NAMM Show in Nashville still draws in many established brands that are keen to exhibit their new gear. For more information on the differences between these two trade shows, check out our Winter vs. Summer NAMM Show article.

'Dealer Of The Year' Award - 2018 Winners

We did the double at Summer NAMM 2018! The NAMM 'Dealer of the Year' and 'Best Online Engagement' awards are both proudly sitting in our trophy cabinet and we’re incredibly honoured to have been recognised for our ability to bring you the best products and coverage.


The NAMM awards are presented by the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), a not-for-profit association that supports the $17 billion global music, sound and event technology products industry - established in 1901.