G&L Guitars

G&L Tribute Series Guitars

G&L's more affordable guitars are found in the Tribute series. Some of the brand's most popular models form the lineup, many of which boast the signature features found on G&L's USA models. They're great bang-for-the-buck!

G&L Tribute Series Guitars

G&L's Tribute series allows guitar players to enjoy their innovative instruments without breaking the bank. Manufactured in the Far East, the majority of G&L Tribute guitars are available for under £500 yet still come equipped with the same electronics and hardware options found on their American-crafted counterparts.

For instance, almost all of G&L's Tribute electric guitars are fitted with pickups wired at the company's California factory, offering stunning tones that outperform almost anything in the same price bracket. This includes their ingenious 'MFD' (Magnetic Field Design) single-coils, which sport adjustable pole-pieces for ultimate tonal balance and precision.

The original 'Dual-Fulcrum' tremolo system is also installed on a number of G&L's Tribute guitars, such as the Legacy, S-500 and Doheny. Providing a smoother tremolo action with less friction, this clever bridge design keeps your tuning stable too! The acclaimed 'Saddle-Lock' bridge can be found on many other G&L Tribute guitars. This design features a locking mechanism that keeps the string saddles firmly in place for consistent string spacing, while also enhancing note sustain and resonance.