G&L S-500 Guitars

The S-500 was Leo Fender’s evolved version of the iconic S-Type. Introduced in 1982, after almost 40 years the G&L S-500 guitars have been further refined to create a near-perfect formula.

G&L S-500 Guitars

Much like its competitors in the industry, G&L's catalogue is split into specific ranges to ensure that different budgets are accommodated for. Their guitar and bass lineup starts with the Tribute series, representing G&L's affordable side. Models from G&L's USA Fullerton Standard and Deluxe ranges are premium high-end guitars, suitable for professional musicians.

G&L Fullerton Deluxe S-500 Guitars


Similar to S-Style guitars from the early 50s, the bodies of G&L Fullerton Deluxe S-500 guitars are made from Ash. Lightweight and known for its balanced tonal qualities, Ash serves as a great tonal foundation for the pickups.

These guitars also feature traditional Hard Rock Maple necks for that infamous top-end snap; adorned with either Maple or Caribbean Rosewood fingerboards (dependent on finish). Whether you’re looking for bright note definition or a warmer top-end, both preferences are catered for.

S-500s also come with G&L’s #1 neck profile. This comfortable carve is very ergonomic, boasting a slight edge roll and a medium taper. This particular profile also thickens as you scale the higher register of the neck, offering the best support anywhere. Their flatter 12” radius fingerboards are also perfect for contemporary players, making string bends easier and allowing for a lower action.

Electronics & Hardware

G&L Fullerton Deluxe S-500 guitars sport Leo Fender-designed ‘Magnetic Field Design’ (MFD) single-coils. Hotter than most vintage single-coils, these pickups are able to handle overdrive and distortion without losing any of the sparkly clarity you'd expect with clean amp settings.

These guitars also feature another G&L innovation; the PTB system. Adding more flexibility to the tone controls, this system lets you shape the bass and treble EQ with greater precision. A discrete mini-toggle switch also expands S-500's tonal palette. Giving you the option to simultaneously select the bridge and neck pickups, you can also engage all three single-coils at once for a fuller tone.

It doesn't end there either, as G&L USA S-500 guitars are fitted with the infamous ‘Dual-Fulcrum’ tremolo. Not only allowing you to lower and raise the pitch, its low-friction design offers a smoother feel and helps to keep your tuning in-check.

G&L Tribute S-500 Guitars

G&L's S-500s still pack a punch, despite their much more affordable price-point. With many of Leo Fender’s noteworthy innovations featured, the perks of the US-made S-500s can be felt and heard in their Far Eastern-made counterparts.

The biggest difference between them is their body woods, though. Instead of Ash, the Tribute S-500 guitars feature Mahogany bodies. Although it is much heavier, this tonewood yields a broader tone with a more focused low-end and a potent mid-range.

Fortunately for consumers, G&L doesn't fit its Tribute S-500 guitars with cheaper parts to save money. That's because these instruments boast the exact same Fullerton-made MFD single-coils found in the USA models, delivering that iconic S-style sound but with some extra output and grit. The PTB tone system also features on the Tribute models, as well as the smooth 'Dual Fulcrum' tremolo.