G&L Guitars

It's fair to say that many G&L Guitars are inspired by the models and designs of one of the industry's giants. But there's an interesting story behind that...

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G&L Guitars

History of G&L Guitars

Once the legendary Leo Fender had established his eponymous brand and subsequently sold it to CBS in 1965, the iconic electric guitar designer moved onto new pastures, not leaving any of his experience or wisdom behind. 

After working with Music Man throughout the 70s, Leo founded G&L Guitars along with George Fullerton and Dale Hyatt at the end of the decade. With Fender himself dubbing his new products "the best instruments I have ever made", through G&L Leo refined his formulas and created some new innovations to push the boundaries of guitar design. If you're interested in the Leo Fender story and his involvement in G&L, click here. 

G&L Innovations

Still featured on their modern instruments today, these improvements have proved influential over time, with other companies following suit and making similar enhancements.  One such invention includes G&L's 'Magnetic Field Design' pickups; utilising ceramic magnets and adjustable iron pole pieces to allow players to set the pickup output for each string, ensuring a balanced and well-rounded tone. These materials give these pickups a clear and vibrant character, with punchy mids and singing highs. 

The distinctive 'Dual-Fulcrum' tremolo was another hit, with its low friction design ensuring better tuning stability while also letting players slightly raise their guitar's pitch. G&L's 'Saddle-Lock' bridge is also practical, using a clever mechanism that essentially stops individual saddles from moving so that they are evenly spaced and locked together, offering more sustain.

The G&L Range

Browse the G&L range below or click here to read more about the range, featuring T-style ASAT models, S-type Legacy guitars, offset Doheny offerings, powerful L Series basses and more!

G&L Guitars FAQs

What does 'G&L' stand for?

G&L stands for George Fullerton and Leo Fender, the two founders of the company.

Are G&L owned by Fender?

G&L are not owned by Fender, but were owned by Leo Fender; the man who pioneered the electric guitar in the early '50s.

Where are G&L guitars made?

G&L build guitars at their Fullerton factory in California, USA. It's exactly the same place where Leo drafted and invented some of their most forward-thinking designs.

Are G&L better than Fender?

Although both companies share many of the same guitar body types, it's not possible to say who is better. But both G&L and Fender have their own unique aspects in pickups, neck shapes, contouring and hardware.