G&L Legacy Guitars

G&L Legacy guitars closely adhere to the classic S-Type shape. However, G&L has put their stamp on these models by fitting them with their own innovations; including CLF pickups and 'Dual Fulcrum' tremolos.

G&L Legacy Guitars

Like many of their contemporaries in the guitar industry, G&L has a number of ranges to ensure that different budgets are catered for. While the Tribute series represents their affordable side, instruments in G&L's USA Fullerton Standard and Deluxe ranges are incredibly well-made; suitable for the most demanding of players.

G&L Fullerton Standard & Deluxe Legacy Guitars


The G&L Fullerton Standard Legacy models feature Alder bodies and Hard Rock Maple necks; a tried-and-tested combination that yields a well-rounded tone with punchy mids and snappy highs. Although some of their Deluxe counterparts are made from the exact same tonewoods, there are a few which feature Swamp Ash bodies that offer a slightly darkened tone.

Topped with either Caribbean Rosewood or Maple fingerboards (dependent on the colour finish), Fullerton Standard and Deluxe Legacy guitars feature G&L's ‘Modern Classic’ neck profile. Having a slim enough feel to satisfy contemporary players, traditionalists won't feel alienated either.

Electronics & Hardware

All US-made Legacy models sport G&L's CLF-100 pickups. With a medium-output, these alnico single-coils are super-articulate and faithfully recapture that vintage '60s S-Type tone. The G&L PTB system features on the Legacy models too, essentially giving you two flexible EQ controls. With one reducing the treble, the other decreases the low-end frequencies to give you greater control over your sound.

All G&L USA Fullterton Legacy models are also installed with 'Dual-Fulcrum' vibratos; a famous design that was pioneered by Leo Fender. With two anchor points, this low-friction concept gives players a smoother feel for greater pitch control.

G&L Tribute Legacy Guitars

When it comes to bang-for-your-buck, the G&L Tribute series is pretty hard to top. Giving you the aesthetics and essential features of the Legacy USA and Fullerton Deluxe guitars, Tribute models are made in the Far East to save on production costs.

Despite their affordability, most G&L Tribute Legacy guitars come with the full-fat, Fullerton-produced CLF-100 Alnico single-coils. This means that you can attain all of the glorious top-end tones that the Fullerton models are so adored for. The PTB system has also been carried over to the majority of G&L Tribute Legacy guitars, as well as the ergonomic 'Dual-Fulcrum' vibrato.