G&L Doheny Guitars

G&L was Leo Fender's final venture, and it's therefore no surprise why many instruments from their ranges have a familiar look. Taking inspiration from a classic offset design, the Doheny is a punchy-sounding guitar.

G&L Doheny Guitars

G&L Tribute Doheny Guitars

G&L's Tribute series represents the affordable side of its guitar and bass catalogue. That doesn't mean that the instruments from this series are bad however, as many Tribute models feature G&L's most adored innovations, including MFD pickups and 'Dual Fulcrum' tremolo systems. The G&L Tribute Doheny is certainly no exception.


Featuring a light Basswood body, the Doheny is similar to many of its counterparts in the Tribute range when it comes to its construction. Basswood may be considered as a cheap tonewood to some, but it's actually a favoured choice for many guitarists, who appreciate its forgiving weight and balanced tonal qualities.

Joined with a bolt-on Hard Rock Maple neck, this material guarantees that unmistakable snap, which allows notes to really cut through in a mix. Dependent on which colour option you go for, the G&L Tribute Doheny is available with either Maple or Brazilian Cherry fingerboards.

Electronics & Hardware

G&L has conceived many innovations, and their MDF single-coils are probably the most acclaimed. Known for their balanced output and low-noise, the Doheny is fitted with the larger ‘wide-bobbin’ versions, which have a sound that is more akin to a P90. Projecting a focused mid-range tone, these pickups don't lose any of the sparkly top-end you’d come to expect from single-coils.

G&L Tribute Doheny models are also installed with their smooth ‘Dual Fulcrum’ tremolo systems. Forgoing the vintage-style ‘6-screw’ mounting design, the ‘Dual Fulcrum’ vibrato is fitted via two mounting-posts, which results in a low-friction design. Giving you a more controllable feel, this tremolo lets you not only lower the pitch but raise it too.

G&L Doheny Guitars FAQs

What is a G&L Doheny guitar?

The Doheny is one of G&L’s most popular guitar models. Heavily-inspired by a classic offset instrument from the ‘60s, the G&L Doheny puts a modern spin on an iconic look with its innovative and contemporary features. This includes a low-friction ‘Dual-Fulcrum’ tremolo, comfortable ‘Modern Classic’ neck profile and G&L’s flexible ‘PTB’ (Passive Treble & Bass) tone system.

Where are G&L Doheny guitars made?

G&L Fullerton Deluxe Doheny guitars are constructed at the brand’s legendary factory on Fender Avenue in Fullerton, California - dubbed “The Birthplace of the Bolt-On”. G&L Tribute Series Doheny guitars are made in the Far East, making them more affordable. However, these guitars still come equipped with many of the company’s signature features!

What pickups are used in G&L Doheny guitars?

G&L Doheny guitars come installed with ”wide-bobbin” versions of the company’s acclaimed Leo Fender-designed ‘MFD’ (Magnetic Field Design) pickups. Producing a punchy tone with chimey highs, these single-coils feature individual adjustable pole pieces that allow you to fine-tune the output of each string for a more balanced sound.