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Bass guitars come in all shapes and sizes, with accessories in the bucketloads. There's a massive selection of bass gear to choose from - especially at Andertons!


Our bass guitar buyer’s guides make your next purchase much smoother and simpler to find. Begin your bassist buying journey right here...

Bass Guitar Guides

Whether you're looking for the best beginner bass guitar or you want to just add a little more versatility to your instrument collection, our guides will point you in the right direction. Covering everything from the basics to Jazz and Precision body shapes; we're sure you'll find our guides more than useful:

Bass Guitar Accessories Guides

Accessories are essential for getting the most out of your bass guitar, whether that be for maintenance or performance. With an amp being the most important extra, you can embellish your bass sound with pedals too. Strings, stands and straps also add up to the equation, and we've got dedicated guides for all of them:

Bass Guitar Brand Guides

We know many players are brand loyal - or maybe you're just interested in what particular companies produce! So what better way to learn more about the gear we offer at Andertons than via our incredible brands? Here's a selection of guides about our top bass manufacturers and their models:

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