G&L ASAT Guitars

G&L ASAT guitars take on the timeless T-Type design with their singlecut bodies and bolt-on constructions. However, G&L’s signature refinements make these models exceptionally versatile for modern and traditional guitarists alike.

G&L ASAT Guitars

Like their contemporaries, G&L has split its catalogue into specific ranges to ensure that different budgets are catered for. While the Tribute series represents their affordable side, instruments in G&L's USA Fullerton Standard and Deluxe ranges are incredibly well-made; suitable for the most discerning of players.

G&L Fullerton Standard & Deluxe ASAT Guitars


The Fullerton series encompasses a number of different ASAT models, including the Standard Classic, Deluxe Classic, Deluxe Classic Bluesboy and Deluxe Special. Available with balanced-sounding Alder or lightweight Swamp Ash bodies, every ASAT model features a bolt-on Hard Rock Maple neck that yields that famous snap and top-end sizzle. These guitars also come with either Maple or Caribbean Rosewood fingerboards, dependent on their colour finish.


The Standard and Deluxe ASAT Classic guitars boast G&L's Leo Fender-designed MFD pickups. These innovative single-coils utilise ceramic magnets and iron pole pieces to provide ultra-clear and articulate sounds. Not only do they respond well to your playing dynamics, but their low-noise design keeps hiss down when using overdrive.

The Fullerton Deluxe ASAT Classic Bluesboy guitars feature Alnico II neck humbuckers for a warmer rhythm sound, while the Deluxe ASAT Special guitars are installed with Jumbo versions of the company’s standard MFD single-coils; delivering a fatter mid-range.


Apart from the Special, all ASAT models are installed with boxed-style bridges that aren't much of a departure from the traditional T-Type design. Their brass saddles will particularly appeal to vintage aficianados, but G&L employs individual saddles for each string so that you can intonate them more precisely.

The ASAT Specials, on the other hand, come with the G&L 'Saddle-Lock' bridge instead. Featuring a well-engineered mechanism that prevents the string saddles from moving, this makes sure that all strings have an equal distance while enhancing their vibrations for greater sustain and resonance.

G&L Tribute ASAT Guitars

When it comes to value-for-money, it's hard to beat the G&L Tribute series. Giving you the aesthetics and essential features of the ASAT USA and Fullerton Deluxe guitars, Tribute models are made in the Far East to save on production costs.

Despite being less than half the price of their US-made counterparts, the majority of G&L Tribute ASAT guitars come with the full-fledged MFD pickups wired at G&L's Fullerton factory. There's also more diversity in the ASAT Tribute series, with models like the humbucker-equipped ASAT Deluxe Carved Top, the Bluesboy Semi-Hollow and the P90-loaded ASAT Junior II.

G&L ASAT Guitars FAQs

What is a G&L ASAT guitar?

The ASAT is one of G&L’s most popular guitar models. Designed by the late Leo Fender, the ASAT was conceived as an evolution of the traditional T-type guitar. Available in two versions, the ASAT Classic and ASAT Special, both models come fitted with various signature G&L features. This includes balanced-sounding ‘MFD’ (Magnetic Field Design) pickups and Saddle-Lock bridges that ensure maximum sustain and consistent string spacing (ASAT Special only).

Where are G&L ASAT guitars made?

ASAT guitars from G&L’s Fullerton Deluxe range are crafted at the company’s iconic factory on Fender Avenue in Fullerton, California - dubbed “The Birthplace of the Bolt-On”. More affordable ASAT models from the G&L Tribute Series are manufactured in the Far East, but still come equipped with many of the brand’s forward-thinking features.

What pickups are used in G&L ASAT guitars?

G&L ASAT Classic guitars come fitted with proprietary ‘MFD’ (Magnetic Field Design) pickups. These highly-innovative single-coils feature individual adjustable pole pieces that allow you to fine-tune the output of each string, resulting in a more balanced sound. G&L ASAT Special guitars boast “Jumbo” versions of the brand’s acclaimed MFD pickups, which deliver a fatter sound with a punchier mid-range.