Its distinct sound and accessible format has made the humble ukulele more popular than ever before!

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The ukulele as we know it took shape in Hawaii, derived from an instrument called a machete that was passed on by Portuguese immigrants. It’s commonly found with four nylon strings and smaller body than the acoustic guitar.

That are four common varieties: soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. These vary in terms of size, scale length and tuning. Nowadays, some manufacturers even produce guitar-ukulele and bass-ukulele hybrids, designed to more accessible to contemporary players.

The ukulele can be heard in a number of musical styles, from traditional folk music to modern pop and everything in between. Here at Andertons Music Co, we’re proud to offer one of the best ukulele selections in the UK. Our range includes offerings from Mahalo, AlvarezGretsch, Ibanez and many more, with modern ranges like the Fender California Series taking a step up in terms of quality.

If you have any questions about our ukulele range, don’t hesitate to contact us – in the meantime, you’ll find our full selection below!

Ukulele FAQs

Which Ukulele is best for beginners?

Soprano ukuleles are the smallest and lightest ukes, with a shorter scale length and ease of use that makes them instantly accessible for beginners.

What should I know before buying a ukulele?

Ukes come in four main types: soprano, tenor, concert and baritone. These vary when comes to tuning, scale length and size.

How much does a ukulele cost?

You can pick up an entry-level ukelele for as little as £20, with higher-end models costing around £200.

Is the ukulele easier to learn than guitar?

Fewer strings and a lower string tension makes a ukulele simple to pick up and play, however, they're ultimately different instruments with their own nuances.