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G&L Legacy Guitars

G&L Legacy guitars closely adhere to the classic S-Type formula. However, G&L has put their own stamp on these models by fitting them with unique Leo Fender-designed innovations — including the silky 'Dual Fulcrum' vibrato & flexible 'PTB Tone System'!

G&L Legacy Guitars

The Legacy has been a part of G&L's line-up for over 30 years, and remains one of their most popular electric guitars. It was the first instrument that the company released after co-founder Leo Fender's death in 1991, and was made to pay tribute to his legendary Stratocaster design. However, the Legacy comes refined with some of the forward-thinking features that Leo innovated while at G&L — offering up a cool "vintage modern" vibe!

G&L Legacy Pickups

All Legacy (USA Fullerton Deluxe and affordable Tribute Series) models sport G&L's CLF-100 pickups. With a medium-output, these alnico single-coils are super-articulate and faithfully recapture that vintage '60s Strat tone — with a particularly hot mid-range voice. The G&L Legacy HB is an HSS version of the Legacy guitar, and comes equipped with a big-sounding G&L AW4470 Alnico bridge humbucker. This instrument is optimised for rock guitarists who prefer heavier gain tones!

The versatile 'PTB Tone System' (passive treble and bass) features on G&L's Legacy models too, which essentially gives you two flexible EQ controls. With one reducing the treble like a conventional tone knob, the other decreases the low-end frequencies — akin to a high-pass filter.

G&L Legacy Hardware

G&L Legacy guitars come installed with the distinctive 'Dual-Fulcrum' tremolo, an influential design that was pioneered by Leo Fender. With two anchor points, this low-friction concept gives players a smoother feel for greater control and even allows you to slightly raise the pitch.

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