Slash's Guitar Rig

Slash's Guitar Rig

There are few musicians as instantly recognisable as Saul Hudson, or “Slash” as he is more commonly known. The top hat wearing axe slinger has earned multiple platinum albums in a career spanning more than three decades with Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver and most recently, his solo project with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. It's fair to say to then, that Slash has earned his reputation as a true guitar hero, and he continues to inspire new generations of fans to pick up their first electric guitar.

Slash is perhaps most synonymous with the Gibson Les Paul. The iconic Les Paul used on the "Appetite for Destruction" album was actually not a Gibson, but instead a copy built by the late Kris Derrig. In the era of brightly coloured, pointy "shred" guitars, Slash helped give the Les Paul a much needed shot in the arm after its popularity had waned during the decade of decadence.

Slash has had a number of signature guitars over the years, but in 2020 Gibson honoured him with the Gibson Slash Collection, with the more affordable Epiphone Slash Collection following suit in 2021. Both collections celebrate some of the most influential guitars from Slash's career and include a number of Les Pauls and J-45 acoustics in a variety of his favourite finishes including Appetite Burst, Anaconda Burst, Vermillion Burst and November Burst.

When it comes to amps, Slash has always relied on Marshall to deliver his iconic, aggressive rock tones. From JMPs, JCM800s, Silver Jubilees and Vintage Moderns, Slash's crunchy, mid heavy tone has remained constant throughout his career, thanks to a wall of Marshalls behind him!

Slash has long been a user of Dunlop and MXR effects and he has several signature wah and fuzz models on the market today. He is also a fan of Boss pedals, with the DD-3 delay being a mainstay on his pedalboard for decades.

We here at Andertons Music Co. have put together a collection of the gear that has made its way into Slash's rig over the years. Go ahead and satisfy your appetite for destruction by checking it out below!