Gruv Gear

Premium bags, cases and guitar accessories absolutely necessary for the modern musician.

Gruv Gear

Gruv Gear came to life when founder and gigging musician Jay Baldemor realised he needed bags and cases to would make lugging his large quantities of musical gear both quick and easy. The idea was to produce premium gear that was durable and rugged, while remaining simple and lightweight enough to comfortably transport. After years of intense research and development, Gruv Gear are now recognised as one of the most cutting-edge and innovative brands in the industry. Their product range consists of everything from guitar and bass bags, backpacks and drum cases, right through to straps, carts and other accessories.

They now count over 250 professional musicians, performers, photographers, producers and other creatives amongst their adoptees, quickly developing a reputation as one of the most reliable names in the business for protecting your musical instruments and tech. If you’re looking to give your belongings the defence it deserves, then you’re in the right place!

Gruv Gear Range

Our selection of Gruv Gear consists of their extremely reputable Kapsule cases. These seriously strong, hardy pieces of gear come in three variants; acoustic guitar, electric guitar and electric bass. Each size is especially designed to safely encase that particular instrument. They’re the ideal solution if you’re a musician who is regularly travelling!