G&L Espada Guitars

An ultimate homage to Leo Fender. The Espada is the last ever guitar he designed, and it’s a real looker. Surviving only in sketches, the G&L team have brought this beauty to life in stunning fashion.

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G&L Espada Guitars


The Espada borrows its looks from a number of G&L bodyshapes - the Skyhawk, ASAT and Doheny – and serves up a whole new aesthetic that you will have never seen before.

There’s plenty of upper fret access and an ergonomic cutaway at the back of the body. The neck is similar to the ones found on the Fullerton Deluxe models, sitting somewhere in between a round ‘C’ and modern slim profile.

Electronics & Hardware

The Espada is packed with features too. In fact, it could be up there as one of the most versatile guitars ever made. Utilising an onboard preamp with bass and treble dials, it also contains a buffer switch to even the output or boost the treble.

Its 'piece de resistance' is the series/parallel selector switch, which you can think of as a reverse take on a coil-split. Parallel routes the frequencies through both pickup poles simultaneously, and gives you a snappy single coil sound. In series, the frequencies are sent from one coil to the next, utilising the unique pickup layout. This produces a humbucker-esque, hum-cancelling, fat tone.