Tourtech Guitar Cases and Bags

Check out the Tourtech range of guitar cases and gig bags offering great protection affordable prices!

Tourtech Guitar Cases and Bags

If you're going to be taking your guitar out of the house you're going to need a gig bag or a case. From physical damage to water and even dust, there's plenty of risks out there that threaten the condition of your guitar.

The Tourtech range goes from basic to full protection. If you're only going to be taking your instrument out to lessons or round a mate's place for a jam the basic end of the range, such as the Universal Gig Bags, are ideal. These bags will protect from dust, splashes of water and any light bumps or scrapes your guitar might run into. Tourtech also have options if you want to stay in the world of gig bags but need more heavy duty padding and protection.

If that's not enough protection you may want to check out Tourtech's range of hard cases. With hard exteriors and lined interiors, these cases can take more of a beating than the gig bags (but still take care!). The basic cases feature wooden construction with vinyl covering whilst the high end of the range have super tough double grain diamond ABS exteriors and reinforced aluminium edges to keep your guitar safe and secure.
Whether you play electric, acoustic, or bass guitar, Tourtech have options to keep your gear protected.