The new brand on the block for affordable, straightforward musical accessories, Tourtech cover pretty much any category you could think of when it comes to their range.


Tourtech have got a wide and vast range of all sorts of musical instrument accessories including professional quality cables, mic stands, gig bags and cases for guitars and basses and much, much more!

Tourtech accessories are affordable and great quality and if you need an audio solution, the chances are, they've got it!

Pro Cables

The premium range of Tourtech cables includes pro-quality connectors at either end of very sturdy cable made for the stage or in studio. These are also available in a wide range of lengths and types including guitar jack to jack cables, midi cables, microphone cables (XLR) and other pro-audio cables for use between studio monitors and interfaces.

PA Accessories

Tourtech have a plethora of live sound cables to ensure that no matter where you set up your PA you’ll be able to rely on the quality of Tourtech cables

Amp and monitor stands

Whether you’re aiming for better direction from your guitar amp or live monitor speaker, Tourtech have got your covered with their amp and monitor stands. This means you’ll be able to direct the amp at your ears and reduce on stage volume!

Microphone Stands

Microphone stands are essential to any performing band or artist in studio and live. Whether you’re after sturdy boom stands or heavy round base microphone stands, Tourtech have got you covered.

Keyboard Stands

It’s important to have a sturdy stand to keep your keyboard on whether you’re playing live or using it in the studio.

Piano Benches

How would you sit at your piano or keyboard without a reliable piano bench? Luckily, Tourtech have got you covered!

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